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Alexandrite Jewelry is a True Treasure

Our genuine Alexandrite Jewelry

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about our Gemstone Jewelry concerns our Alexandrite Jewelry. Our customers are asking us, are the Alexandrite stones in our jewelry genuine? The answer is the same as with all of our gemstones – Yes! When you shop at Juwelo, we sell only authentic gemstones and Alexandrite is no different. The Alexandrite gemstones featured in our Alexandrite Jewelry are absolutely not created in a lab. The most popular trait with Alexandrite Jewelry is its color changing abilities. It isn’t magic, it appears different whether under natural or incandescent light. The effect is simply magical. Sometimes you hear, “Emerald by day, Ruby by night,” and that is because under daylight, Alexandrite Jewelry appears to be green like Emerald Jewelry but under incandescent light, the stone takes on a reddish-purple glow, similar to the deep glows found with Ruby Jewelry.

Whether you are looking for Alexandrite Rings, Alexandrite Pendants or Alexandrite Earrings, Juwelo has them all in the store just waiting for you to take home your own treasure.

Alexandrite Ring

How do you sell authentic Alexandrite at such low prices?

Juwelo is also a mine-to-market jeweler and that means that we buy the stones, make the jewelry at our factory and sell it directly to our customers. You will notice that there is no middleman so we can pass on very big savings to our customers. Another reason why we are so affordable is our gemstone buyers are crazy about gemstones and you might even call them shopaholics. They buy up whatever they can get their hands on when they see a good deal of quality gemstones. This is something they just can’t resist.

We know why people ask about the authenticity of our Alexandrite. They all know that Alexandrite is extremely rare and when you see Alexandrite Jewelry at other jewelers, it is very expensive but Juwelo is different than other jewelers. Our gem buyers have been buying jewels for a long time and they are often buying directly from the mine owners. More specifically, our own Don Kogen was the first to bring Alexandrite mined out of India to the world market. In fact, he acquired 70% of all Alexandrite that came out of the country. Being the stone has been a favorite of famous gem hunter, Kogen, he stocked the Juwelo warehouse with Alexandrite for us to set with our jewelry. Now the mines have gone dry so our Alexandrite Jewelry is a truly special treat and here at Juwelo it is still available at extremely affordable prices.

Russian Alexandrite is a jewel from the past

Alexandrite from Russia is extremely rare because they stopped mining for it there in 1910 and the stones from Russia are highly coveted, extremely expensive and flat-out rare. In fact, if it isn’t antique, it isn’t Russian Alexandrite. When you do find it, it is definitely not affordable gemstone jewelry.

Alexandrite Pendant

Where does your Alexandrite come from?

Nowadays small quantities of Alexandrite is mined in different countries like Brazil, Madagascar, India and Tanzania. The desire for this magical gem is always growing and as more and more people become familiar with its color changing properties, they go crazy for it. If you are curious about the origin of the Alexandrite we are selling in our shop, just check the product page. We always state the origin of the gemstones you buy and this is very important information. There are differences between Alexandrite mined in India and that mined in Brazil. While the chemical composition is the same, colors can slightly vary from region to region. Let’s also note that the Alexandrite you find at Juwelo is untreated.

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