Emerald jewelry has been a big player in the history of jewels dating back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The stones were used by lapidaries as well to relieve strained and overworked eyes, simply by gazing at the color of the soothing gem! Cleopatra adored these gems and used them in many of her royal jewels and body accessories. Fashionistas and gem lovers today, covet both vintage and vintage styled Emerald jewelry, as well as the contemporary counterparts, as sold at Juwelo.com and the like.

Nova Era Emerald and Diamond Gold Pendant


Emerald Jewelry online is an interesting affair, as with all items in the brave new world of e-shopping. The important concerns for online shoppers are authenticity, quality, and trust. We create our collections exclusively with genuine natural gemstones. We offer an impressive selection of sublime jewelry set with genuine Emeralds. Take advantage of the best prices on our necklaces, rings, earrings or pendants thanks to the mine-to-market production of our jewelry.


Emerald is often cut in a rectangle or square shape with a step cut. This is often referred to as the 'Emerald Cut' and is often used on Diamonds and other gemstones as well. The elegant cut evokes a vintage art deco style and is eternally glamorous. Our Emerald jewelry features the classic Emerald cut, in addition to a variety of other cuts and shapes, depending on the stone. Almost all Emeralds have inclusions and fractures which affect the cut. An inclusion fracture-free Emerald jewel is a pricey one indeed! Emerald cutting is an art in of itself within the gem cutting discipline, with a focus on choosing the best cut to best highlight its color. For laymen and jewelry professionals alike, the most important feature of an Emerald jewel is its color!

Colombian Emerald Gold Ring


Juwelo.com, your online jewelry store, offers you a vast choice of jewelry with genuine Emeralds. On our simple and secure site, you will find the Emerald jewelry of your dreams. You can purchase pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings or splendid earrings with Emeralds at incredibly affordable prices. Emeralds are very rare and special jewels, so the prices are not unrealistic, but it is possible to add to your collection without breaking the bank.


The cool thing about our online shop is the ability to search via color and stone type, in addition to the type of jewelry. So, for example, one can search for Bahia Emerald and then its subcategories and easily create an Emerald jewelry set!

Bahia Emerald & Nova Era Emerald Gold Rings


Emeralds are stunning set in necklaces and pendants. The color, whether a deep, dark green like the Bahia or a lighter, sparkly green such as our stunning Zambian and Sao Francisco gems, are a beautiful match with yellow gold. Often accented with a clear (white) stone such as Diamond, Sapphire or Zircon.


Some of the hottest jewelry designs right now featuring Emeralds are the coveted engagement rings, often featuring a combination of Emeralds with white stones like Diamonds or Sapphires, set in a vintage style setting of sterling silver or gold. At Juwelo.com it is possible to find a beautifully designed ring that can in some cases be the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

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