Meet Our Experts

Michael Campanale – Gemstone Expert

Michael Campanale

Michael used to be a globetrotter before he met Don Kogen. As a trader of art, he traveled through Australia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Africa and the Middle East before he met Don. They both had heard of a unique discovery of antique coins and this was their first time working together. Don convinced Michael to stop his search for antiques and become a member of his team to search for rare gemstones.

Debby Cavill – Design Expert

Debby Cavill

Debby Cavill is one of the main people in the world of Juwelo. Her experience in jewelry design makes her irreplaceable in the development of our gemstone jewelry. As her parents were in the business, she has been surrounded by jewelry since her childhood. Debby discovered her passion for design early. From the age of 22, she gained experience working as a retailer, model and TV presenter – never losing her desire to return to the jewelry business. Finally, in 2003 she met Don Kogen, an early developer of jewelry shopping TV channels and a co–founder of Juwelo. Today she is the design expert for the Juwelo group. With all her experience she introduces you into the world of glamour and has great style advice. Her jewelry is much more than an accessory to wear.

Paul Udomkiet – Designer

Paul Udomkiet

Right from the start, Paul Udomkiet has been an important member of the international team at Juwelo. He is responsible for the design of our silver jewelry. Paul's expertise comes from his experience in product design for numerous manufacturers over many years.

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