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Where is Chanthaburi?

Chanthaburi, Thailand has a long history of gem mining and trading. There are accounts dating the town’s involvement with gemstones from back in the 15th century. Nowadays there is almost no mining in the area but gem trading thrives like never before in the town whose name translates as “Moon City.”

Located in the southeast of Thailand, about 150 miles south of Bangkok, the town of 30,000 is close to the Cambodian border. Of the world’s three largest gemstone markets, only the market in Chanthaburi, locally known as ‘Talad Ploy,’ can one purchase such large quantities of quality gemstones at wholesale prices. The town now offers all aspects of gem-themed businesses offering more than just trading such as cutting and processing services, packaging and inspection equipment sales and even providing educational resources for the curious.

Our factory team in Chanthaburi

Our factory team in Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi Gem Market

Chanthaburi is now well-known as a gem processing and trading hub to the world, especially Southeast Asia. Its markets come alive every weekend and the town is renowned for its local gem graders, cutters and polishers. Nearly 70% of the world’s supply of Ruby and Sapphire passes through Chanthaburi but the market also offers a very diverse selection of gemstones at great prices for those who know how to haggle. Juwelo’s portfolio has benefitted from this diversity with over 500 types of gemstones featured in our jewelry. What better place to set up a jewelry manufacturing facility than by one of the world’s largest and liveliest gem markets?

For over 80 years, Chanthaburi has been a place where gem trading is made on street level in open-air markets with barely any signs of security. Chanthaburi is often considered the best trading center for colored gemstones. An estimated $650 million in gemstones was exported from Thailand in 2012 with a large percentage traded in Chanthaburi. This is where Juwelo has set-up shop and where all of our jewelry is manufactured.

Our New Campus

In 2016, we opened our brand-new manufacturing campus in Chanthaburi. With over 750 employees from twenty different departments, the facility is the largest jewelry producer in this town where gemstones is its key business. Working at our campus are over 130 officially certified gemstone setters and more than 90 employees responsible for gemstone inspection; all maintaining Juwelo’s long-standing commitment to product quality. The factory was the first to be granted quality standard certification by the Thailand Labor Department. Employees are paid in excess of the compensation levels specified under collective agreements and receive health insurance. All of this combines to highlight Juwelo as one of the most attractive employers in the region. Starting in June 2016, the campus will be open to guided tours. So, when in town, stop by and see it for yourself!

Our factory's very own daycare center

Our factory's very own daycare center

One of the new facility’s most popular feature is its Kindergarten. The kids can come, play and engage in creative activities throughout the day while their parents work. The daycare center’s head of activities has her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education guaranteeing quality time for the children. The center is also an afterschool center where kids can come and receive assistance with their homework. To the staff of Juwelo in Chanthaburi, it is an endearing branch of the new manufacturing campus.

Chanthaburi has a long history with the world of gemstones. The town brings not only the gem traders with their diverse selection of fabulous gems but also houses and trains the many schooled professionals that cut, polish and set the stones. Juwelo knows how important the town and people of Chanthaburi are in bringing the mission of Juwelo - of providing quality and affordable gemstone jewelry to our customers. That is why we contribute a percentage of our profits back to Thailand and, especially, the town of Chanthaburi.

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