Gemstone Durability

“If properly cared for, every jewel with precious gemstones is designed to be handed down

from generation to generation.”

The Diamond, hardest mineral in the world

Diamond, the hardest mineral in the world

Durability is a combination of three properties:

  • Hardness: The capacity of a gemstone to resist superficial scratches and scuffs.
  • Toughness: The ability of a gemstone to resist the development of fracture (non-directional breakages) or cleavage (cracks along well-defined planes). Please note that hardness and toughness are independent: a gem’s hardness does not necessarily imply resistance, or vice-versa.
  • Stability: The property of a gemstone to resist chemical or physical deterioration.

In addition to this information, we recommend you read our section on the care and maintenance of precious gemstones, to ensure that they shine ever more brightly.

Two examples of Topaz

Two examples of Topaz

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