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Gemstone Jewelry – Genuine, Elegant, Affordable

Explore the colorful world of real gems

The gemstone color palette encompasses all colors of the rainbow. Mother Earth does a lot more than just wave a magical wand when bringing us this cornucopia of colors and is delivering you that magical light for you to adorn yourself with our always authentic and incredibly affordable gemstone jewelry. Whether its elegant rings, sparkling bracelets, glowing pendants, luminous earrings, or radiant necklaces, Juwelo has it all in whichever color you like best.

Use our color search filter on the website to filter out red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown, colorless, multicolor, and even those amazing color-changing gemstones so you can peruse our large collection to easily find what's right for you. All of these colors are always available at

Silver Jewelry with Genuine Gemstones

A Jewelry Selection for Everyone at the Right Price

Whether you are looking for the right color to match your outfit, searching for jewelry set with a specific birthstone, or even trying to get that special gift for someone special, you can find it at Juwelo. We are a true gemstone jewelry specialist with over 60 kinds of precious and semi-precious gemstones and over 300 varieties of only genuine stones. You can rest assured that Juwelo sells only real gems set in either .925 Sterling Silver or 10K Gold.

With our gem hunters out in the field buying directly from the mines and at the world's largest gem markets, we can offer you unbelievable deals for our genuine gemstone jewelry. Our factory is based in Chanthaburi, Thailand - which is the site of one of the largest gemstone marketplaces in the world. All of this allows us to buy large quantities at low prices which we pass on to our customers. There is no middleman taking away our customers' savings and you'll be hard-pressed to find many of the unique stones that we offer here. We pride ourselves on being industry specialists and take these little wonders very seriously. Our designers are highly trained artisans and technicians that are producing a wide range of styles to suit every taste. Your search for the right gemstone jewelry should begin and end at Juwelo.

So Many Gems, So Little Time

Juwelo offers the classic gems in the classic varieties that we all know and love, but we also offer many rare varieties that really stand out when adding that glow to your finger or emitting that shine from your heart. Just browsing through any of our gemstone pages and you will see so much diversity that exists in the world of natural gemstones. Available are more than 25 varieties of Topaz, as well as more than 15 varieties of Sapphire, Garnet, and Opal. Orange Sapphire, Pink Flamingo Topaz, Mint Green Garnet - you'll find them all and so many other surprises right here at Juwelo because the gemstone jewelry business is what we do. Many of our customers know that Juwelo is the best place for that little-known variety that really makes you stand out from the crowd. What's more, Juwelo is happy to answer any questions you might have about our gemstones because we feel by letting you know about Mother Earth's amazing treasures, you'll share us in our passion.

Authentic Garnet Pendant and Bracelet

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