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About Juwelo in Europe

Juwelo (you-VAY-low) might be an unfamiliar brand in America but, in Europe, Juwelo is well-known. Through television shopping channels and online shops, Juwelo specializes in gemstone jewelry and has been serving Europe with its elegant and affordable brand since 2008. The management of elumeo SE, Juwelo’s parent company, has over 20 years of gemstone and jewelry experience.

Juwelo’s jewelry is only available through Juwelo. We are a mine-to-market jeweler involved in all aspects of production from procuring the gems, designing the jewelry, manufacturing in our own factory and selling directly to our customers. We take out the middleman and pass the savings on to our customers.

Juwelo in Italy

Our Studio in Rome

Juwelo on Television

Headquartered in Germany, Juwelo broadcasts its shopping channel from Berlin, still broadcasting from its original studio. The building is a large factory courtyard in Berlin’s historic Kreuzberg district that was built in 1897. This is where Juwelo runs many of its businesses. Juwelo airs and streams its German shopping channel 18 hours a day. Customers are offered a wide selection of gemstone jewelry through the television with Juwelo accepting offers by telephone, internet, through its own tablet and smart phone app and even via Smart TVs. Juwelo has a high rate of returning customers with whom Juwelo has remained close, many of whom send Christmas cards and presents every year. Lebkuchen anyone? There’s plenty to go around at Christmas time.

In Italy, Juwelo also broadcasts a television shopping channel. Based in Rome since 2011, Juwelo is popular throughout the country and has been steadily growing in customers. Another country where Juwelo airs on television is in the United Kingdom, broadcasting from Birmingham, England, under its UK-subsidiary brand, Rocks & Co. Rocks & Co. has been part of the elumeo Group since 2010.

Juwelo in Print & On the Web

Juwelo in the UK

Our Studio in Birmingham

In Germany and Italy, Juwelo publishes a monthly magazine featuring the latest offers and the jewelry’s scheduled appearances on television. Current and past issues can be downloaded from the company’s German and Italian websites. A unique characteristic of the magazine is the company’s use of employees as models for its jewelry. Even if you don’t read German or Italian, you’ll want to browse the pictures of one of a kind pieces of jewelry only offered on television.

Besides television shopping channels, Juwelo also sell its unique brand of gemstone jewelry through its online shops inFrance, Spain, the Netherlands, as well as Germany, Italy & the UK. All these shops are run from our offices in Berlin, creating a very multi-cultural atmosphere at Juwelo.

Now Juwelo has arrived in the United States and we are very excited to reach a new continent. We would like to invite you to share in our adventure. We bring the same passion for customer satisfaction that we exhibit in Europe by wanting to hear from our customers, delivering satisfaction and guaranteeing our purchases if a customer is unhappy with a purchase for any reason.

Come and take a look at what Juwelo.com has to offer and experience what has brought our European customers back again and again.

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