Inspiring designs that take on the latest trends in an extravagant way. When wearing and looking at a piece of jewellery from Marina de Lucas collection, we immerse ourselves in a world of dreams and longings.

M DE LUCA surprises with innovative designs that inspire you to reinvent yourself! Pearls are Marina's great passion. Thanks to the great variety of shades, there is a pearl for every woman. Flatter your complexion with the matching pearl from Marina's collection. Also flatter your complexion with the colour of a pearl!



The M DE LUCA collection includes pearls from Tahiti and the South Seas in the very best quality. They consist of numerous thin layers of mother-of-pearl, through which the light is reflected. They form in sea shells; depending on the type of shell and water, the natural colours of the pearls are different.

Laying many layers of mother of pearl around a so-called foreign body (for example, a grain of sand or a piece of coral) inside the shell and it comes to a shell, creates a precious pearl, which is available in different colours: Whether with classic white, mysterious black, delicate Pink or noble gold, you will definitely find it in this collection!


M de Luca Collection

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