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Moonstone Jewelry That Takes You to the Moon

Moonstone has That Special Glow

With its alluring milky color and heavenly shine, Moonstone is a true stunner in the amazing world of gemstones and its effect will lift you above the clouds. What is that unique shimmer that mesmerizes people? It is an optical phenomenon called Adularescence and you will find it with all of the White Moonstone jewelry at Juwelo.com, like our Moonstone Rings, Moonstone Pendants or Moonstone Earrings. When light enters the stone, it refracts and scatters, setting off a bluish white glow which resembles the light bouncing off the moon’s surface. This is the same effect you will find with our Opal Jewelry, Agate Jewelry and can sometimes be found with our Quartz Jewelry. Adularescence doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but that bluish luster will speak for itself.

Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Moonstone Jewelry Has a Long History

Moonstone, one of the most well-known and popular gemstones, is in the Feldspar family and its use in jewelry goes back thousands of years. People have long marveled at how well this stunning natural stone emulates the sheen of our lunar friend in the sky. It is no surprise that we would want to adorn ourselves with this gift from Mother Earth and since the Ancient Hindu and Roman civilizations we have done so. The Romans admired the gem and they believed it was born from solidified rays of the Moon. Both the Romans and Greeks associated Moonstone with their lunar deities. India considers Moonstone as a dream stone, inspiring pleasant and magical dreams. In the 20th Century, Moonstone was very popular during the Art Nouveau period with Tiffany and René Lalique who featured the stone in many of their museum quality pieces. When you wear our Moonstone Jewelry, you are taking part in a tradition that has lasted for thousands of years.

Take Moonstone Jewelry to Bed with You

In the 1960s, Moonstone had a resurgence as a popular gemstone with Hippies and later in the 1980s with the New Agers. Believed to inspire emotional stability, spiritual health, opening one’s mind and bringing good fortune, Moonstone is even believed to be an aid for lucid dreaming and stimulating inner strength. Women in Arabic cultures even sewed Moonstone into their undergarments to encourage fertility. Regardless whether any of this is true or not, one thing is for sure and that is there is no denying the beauty of Moonstone and the wonder it inspires. At Juwelo, you know you are purchasing jewelry with only authentic Moonstone.

Authentic Moonstone Pendant

Is Rainbow Moonstone Really Moonstone?

While Rainbow Moonstone is in the Feldspar group, it is more accurately transparent Labradorite, a different gemstone than the other true Moonstone you find at Juwelo because of a key variance in its chemical composition. The commercial name was given to the stone due to its beautiful and unique adularescence and its shine of iridescent colors. Now we have many buyers who prefer Rainbow Moonstone over traditional Moonstone. Go figure! Our White Moonstone jewelry is from India and our premier gem buyers have a very special relationship with the mine owners, allowing us to obtain the most premium examples of this special gemstone. Please keep in mind that Moonstone isn’t as durable as Sapphire and Amethyst, so customers have asked if Moonstone is durable enough for rings. While it is prone to scratches and chips, with a little extra love and care, Moonstone can share its beauty for years without any problems. Moonstone is a birthstone for June, sharing the honors with Alexandrite and Pearl.

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