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The wonderful world of Opal jewelry has unique offerings of intense and electric hues!  Some Opal varieties display the color play phenomena.  It is truly amazing that some of the most beautiful Opal Jewelry can be found online! At Juwelo.com we have gathered a great selection of Opals from all around the world.  We are proud to be particular about our design, production, sourcing and the exclusive use of genuine materials.  All of our Opal rings, Opal necklaces, Opal pendants, Opal earrings and Opal bracelets here at Juwelo.com are carefully curated and guaranteed to be created using only precious metals and genuine Opal gemstones.

In chemical terms, an Opal is an amorphous hydrated form of Silica. The structure of Opal is always unique, comprised of tiny spheres of silicon dioxide forming a pyramid-shaped grid, interspersed with water. Refraction of light traveling through the spaces between these spheres creates the intense color play. The colors are affected by the angle and under which kind of light from which the Opal is viewed as well. Each Opal has a background of clear, white, charcoal grey, etc. The additional colors, which can range from one to the full-color spectrum, are what is referred to as the color play factor. 

All Opal jewelry offered by Juwelo.com is delivered with the utmost care. Opal, which is October's birthstone, symbolizes faithfulness and confidence.

Black Opal Ring


The Opal stone is one of the most beautiful and mysterious players in the gemstone world. Opal rings can evoke glimmers of a summer's brightest days, bluest skies, deep blue-green seas and fiery red flowers, all in one stone. A Paraiba Opal ring can interplay gorgeously with eye color, skin tone, and the neutral palette of a fall ensemble. At Juwelo.com, we have a wonderful variety of Fire Opals and Opals with color play featured in our Opal Rings collections. The pink and yellow flashes of some of our Kalimaya Opal rings can evoke a pearlized precious pink Coral with the glimmering yellow of the sun swirled in. This ring matches fabulously with a white or grey winter ensemble. Black Opal is the most sought after in the Opal family because the black canvas of the stone creates the strongest color play.  Keep checking back with our shop for new Opal ring varieties added regularly!


Our White Opal rings have a white, cream or translucent base, also known as the background color, and display flashes of color play from the rainbow's spectrum of colors including pinks, blues, and purples! A white Opal can easily be set in both a white or gold precious metal setting.

White Opal rings, use gems known as light Opals and can range from translucent to opaque. Welo Opal rings feature the coveted white Opal from Coober Pedy in Australia, which has a mysteriously beautiful, otherworldly "opalescence".  Ice Opal rings feature the intense Fire Opal mined in Patagonia, Chile, which is a translucent white Fire Opal without color play, and boast an amazing ice white color and crystallization. This stone sits beautifully in white gold or sterling silver ring settings.  

Ice Opal Ring


A fall oatmeal color ensemble would be blessed to have a pair of blue Opal earrings and a necklace to bring the color palate alive. In the past, our beautiful Opal earrings designs have included drop earrings, stud earrings, hoop earrings and more. Keep checking back in our Opal earrings selection for new gemstone additions.


One of our decorative Salamanca Fire Opal bracelets is set in sterling silver. This classic beauty of stone works with white metals such as sterling silver and white gold, but with yellow gold as well. Diamond, Zircon, and Topaz are often used as white support stones in our Opal bracelet designs, increasing the luxe factor. Another beauty in our bracelet section is the yellow Fire Opal in a sterling silver tennis bracelet setting. Many of our faceted and cabochon cuts are used in this glamorous yet strong bracelet design.

AAA Welo Opal Bracelet



Not all Opals have ‘play of color’. Buriti Fire Opal, mined in Buriti dos Montes, Piaui, Brazil, is a transparent to translucent crystal Opal with virtually no 'play of color', displaying oranges, reds, and yellows, as well as recently discovered blue hues.  The intensely red, oranges and yellows of Salamanca Fire Opals jewelry set in yellow or white gold is perfect for any neutral, or even a daring primary colored ensemble wearer. There is a wide selection of design and styles within our Fire Opal jewelry creations at Juwelo.com.

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