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Pearl jewelry is redefined each season. There is no fashion show without them. The styles and designs vary over the decades, adapting not only to the latest fashion trends but also to the woman who wears them.

Juwelo, attentive to the cyclical nature of fashion, offers a variety of Pearl jewelry, from wonderful earrings, pendants, and necklaces, as well as countless ring and bracelet designs.

Pearl Jewelry


The Pearl is a precious stone of organic origin.  It is the product of secretions produced by a mollusk as a natural reaction to an infection. This substance is an antibody that contains microcrystals of aragonite and is more commonly known by the name Mother of Pearl. This substance encapsulates the foreign body with several layers which harden, thereby creating a Pearl. The process can last from several months to several years depending on the mollusk.


In the past Pearls were products of chance and luck. It was pure chance that a strange element was introduced into a mollusk capable of producing Mother-of-Pearl and only then, with a little luck, was that oyster collected from the seabed. The famous jeweller Mikimoto began cultivating Pearls in Japan 100 years ago. Today the absolute majority of the Pearls offered in jewelry are from cultured Pearl farms. The cultivating process is a reproduction "in situ" of the natural process, and therefore both Pearls have an identical structure, whether they were grown in the sea, in a river, or freshwater lake.

Mother of Pearl Silver Ring


The variety of Pearls is extensive, to say the least. Juwelo´s collections offer the following types of Pearls in their designs:

Akoya Pearl jewelry is made with Pearls that originate in Japan and take 1 to 2 years to form. They are characterized by their stupendous iridescence and roundness. The host oyster belongs to the Pinctada family and lives in salt water.

South Sea Pearl jewelry use Pearls formed inside Pinctada Maxima oysters, in the clear and warm waters of the South Sea. These Pearls are typically large and can have a faint silvery or golden color depending on the color of the oyster´s shell.

Tahitian Pearl jewelry is also referred to as black Pearl jewelry due to its dark and metallic color. Tahitian Pearls tend to have a metallic green or metallic violet hue as a result of being formed inside the black shelled Pinctada in the seas of French Polynesia.

Freshwater Pearls can be either smooth, known by their brand name Edison or Ming, or rippled. They can be perfectly white or show fascinating shades of pink, champagne, and lilac.


The traditional Pearl necklace has become an accessory that women of all ages wear, putting their own unique spin on this classic. It is not unusual to see young women in jeans and blouses wearing Pearl earrings accompanied by a Pearl necklace. A casual look illuminated by these timeless jewels.

In Juwelo´s collections you can see the immense versatility of this beloved and coveted organic stone. Trendy designs are interspersed with more formal versions to help you find the Pearl that suits both your budget and your taste.  Juwelo offers beautiful Pearl jewelry at unbeatable prices. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to some Pearl jewelry! Do not forget that Juwelo offers you a 14-day, no-questions-asked return policy to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Pearl Necklace


In the same way as other precious stones, a Pearl´s value depends on important quality criteria.

A: Brightness or luster

Polish is a decisive factor when evaluating a Pearl. It is not only the brightness on the surface of the Pearl but also the reflection of light through the thin layers of its aragonite microcrystals. The more intensive the brightness of a Pearl, the more value it acquires. The luster is also known as "orient".

B: Surface

The lack of irregularities on the surface of the Pearl is another important quality criterion. A soft and velvety Pearl will be more valuable, and more beautiful, than a Pearl with small holes or imperfections.

C: Size

The size of the Pearls is measured in millimeters in the second largest sector of the Pearl. For example, an oval Pearl will be measured by its width rather than its length. The size of the Pearl will depend fundamentally on the thickness of its layers of nacre accumulated. A Pearl with good luster and a surface free of impurities of larger than normal dimensions will obviously have a much higher value.

D: Shape

Pearls can be round, oval, button, drop or baroque. Perfectly round Pearls are preferred, but over the last few years, there has been a stronger tendency to make jewelry with big baroque Pearls. In baroque Pearl jewelry, the ingenuity of the designer is to decide how to enhance the Pearl best. 

E: Color

The color does not directly influence the quality of a Pearl but is simply a matter of taste. The price of certain Pearls may be higher because they are rarer or more difficult to cultivate. The splendid beauty of Tahitian Pearls or the subtle pink South Sea Pearls are among the most coveted.

Juwelo´s Pearl jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity specifying the data and the origin of each Pearl, an important factor because it guarantees that you are acquiring high quality, cultured Pearls.


Pearl jewelry needs particular care. It should be stored in boxes or velvet bags, separate from other gemstones that could possibly scratch or otherwise damage them. Regularly wipe the Pearls with a slightly damp cloth, and then dry them carefully before storing. If you are storing them in a safe, it is recommended to keep a small, open container of water with them. Avoid any contact with detergents, cosmetics, and perfumes and never wear Pearls in a swimming pool, to the beach, in a sauna or while playing any kind of sport. Well-maintained Pearls will have a long life and maintain their shine. The oldest Pearl necklace is more than 2400 years old! It belonged to the Persian king Achaemenid and today it can be admired in the National Museum of Cairo. So if you take good care of your own Pearls, they will last much longer than you think!

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