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Topaz has attracted a lot of attention as a gem throughout time. Even the most remote cultures used it in their jewelry and ornaments, considering it of great importance.  On one hand the beauty of Topaz makes this precious stone one of the favorites in the gemstone world, yet on the other hand, the halo of legend that surrounds it gives it a special mystery that accentuates its power of seduction throughout the centuries. In ancient Egypt they considered the golden reflections of the imperial Topaz to be the work of Ra himself, the Sun God. Both Greeks and Romans believed in its supernatural and protective powers. In the Middle Ages, Topaz was used to invigorate the body and mind and was considered the most important amulet to ward off evil. The stories and legends surrounding Topaz are rich in fantasy. This has increased the curiosity for the gem and affirmed its attractiveness in the jewelry market. Topaz jewelry is a must in any collection.

Today we know the chemical structure of Topaz and we know that it is a precious stone of great rarity. To carve and facet it is a challenge due to its susceptibility to fracture.  At the same time it is extremely hard - 8 on the Mohs scale - and therefore perfect for making Topaz jewelry. Another important feature is that Topaz can be found in nature in large specimens without too many impurities. This makes it possible to create Topaz jewelry with a strong presence, several carats in size with impeccable clarity. That is why all great jewelers use Topaz in their collections. Juwelo, with its young and dynamic team of designers, has created a wide range of Topaz jewelry in all shapes and sizes.

Blue Topaz Gemstones


The most famous Topaz is undoubtedly the "Bragança" Topaz, which is set in the Portuguese crown. For centuries it was believed to be a Diamond - "the largest Diamond in the world" - but with scientific advancements, it was revealed to be a White Topaz. Although it is no longer considered a Diamond does not make it any less beautiful!

Imperial Topazes crown the Virgin of Atocha. The history of the Imperial Topaz crown of this Virgin stands out when in 1852, Queen Isabel II visited the Church of the Virgin of Atocha in Madrid carrying her firstborn to get the graces of the Virgin. The priest Martin Merino attacked her with a dagger. The Queen miraculously saved her daughter´s life and in gratitude decided to bequeath all the jewels she had been wearing that day to the Virgin, which included a significant number of large and beautiful Imperial Topazes of Brazil.

The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. exhibits roughly cut Topazes with thousands of carats each. It also exhibits the world's largest faceted yellow Topaz, weighing a whopping 22,892.50 carats.


Juwelo offers a huge selection of Topaz jewelry. This is no accident. Juwelo is keenly aware of presenting a wide variety of designs so that anyone can find exactly what they are looking for to satisfy their personal taste. Topaz jewelry is even more voluptuous as a result of the unusually extensive range of colors that this gemstone offers.


Imperial Topaz, one of the most coveted gems in the world, is 100% natural and its main source of extraction is in Brazil. It is a champagne-peach colored Topaz with wonderful golden reflections. It is widely used in fine jewelry. Wearing jewelry set with Imperial Topaz implies wearing an extremely rare and exquisite gemstone. It is the ideal accessory for a special and important occasion. Juwelo offers delightful Imperial Topaz jewelry in distinguished designs where a love of detail predominates.

Imperial Topaz Gemstones


Due to its unique structure, Topaz is found in a wide variety of colors. Jewelry with colored Topazes is splendid to wear every day. They are fun jewels that help us to start the day in a good mood and give us the necessary confidence during business lunch or a public presentation.

Topaz is a gem that always manages to adapt to the ups and downs of the world.

Topaz is a gem that always manages to evolve with the latest fashion trends and there will always be a Topaz in tune with the color of the year. The range of colors is enormous: the Mystic Topaz displays remarkable blue, violet and green colors, whereas the Flamingo Topaz is characterized by its intensely saturated pink. Watermelon Topaz is a bi-colored Topaz that bears the colors of the fruit from which it gets its name while Moonbeam Topaz shows a variety of colors including golden reflections in its center. Cherry Topaz has a bold purple-crimson color and the Sunset Topaz has a beautiful range of oranges and reddish browns to match the tropical sky as the sun gently dips in the horizon. Jungle Topaz has splendid yellows and greens and Kiwi Topaz has a lovely delicate green hue.

Special attention should be paid to the Blue Topaz, which displays an enormous range of different shades of the color: Sky Blue Topaz features a clear and pure sky blue, Swiss Blue Topaz, an intense ultramarine blue. London Blue Topaz, however, displays a deep lead blue and the famous Marambaia Topaz, an electric blue. But this is not where the Topaz blues end! In its collections, Juwelo has included Blue Topaz jewelry that, although it has this color as a base, manages to display reflections with very diverse tonalities. Among the pieces, Mystic Blue Topaz, Neptune Topaz, Sea Topaz or Moonshine Topaz certainly stand out.

In this unlimited variety of Topaz, the common denominator is the excellent quality of the gem. Juwelo always uses authentic Topaz in its collections.


Let's start with one of the most beloved accessories: earrings. Juwelo offers a wide variety of Topaz set in gold and silver earrings. Let's not forget that this is the accessory that almost no woman does without. Therefore, the interest in this gemstone is vast. Because of this, there are innumerable designs highlighting this gem suitable for all tastes and ages.

What kind of earrings with Topaz does Juwelo offer? Let's start with the "criollas" or hoop earrings that are considered the classic par excellence as an earring. For a long time now hoop earrings have evolved from being made only from some precious metal to being encrusted with exquisite gemstones such as the Topaz. It has easily adapted to fashion trends to give the earring an air of class and distinction.

Another very popular model is the so-called "button" earring, which is completely attached to the ear lobe. These earrings fit through the lobe, therefore, it is necessary to have your ears pierced. The lock is pressurized. Juwelo has different designs of this type of earring. There are opulent designs with relatively large Topaz, surrounded either by a metal band or crowned with secondary gems, or more discreet designs, with an unadorned small Topaz. The latter is also called "dot light" and are great to wear at any time during the day.

Another version is earrings that hang from the ear. The beloved "chandelier" earring, whose name is derived from "candelabro", emulates cascades of chains with precious stones such as Topaz or those with bases from which the stone, or pearl which was used often in the 1700s, hangs. The hanging earrings that Juwelo offers are very different from one another. Some are inspired by ancient and baroque jewelry while others are influenced by more modern geometric forms based on "Art Deco".


As with earrings, there are countless designs of Topaz rings. Being such a varied gem, Juwelo offers silver rings for everyday life with colored Topazes as well as gold rings for more elegant occasions. It is important to note that among the many Topaz rings, there are also many designs suitable for men.

Topaz Gold Ring


One of the most seductive accessories is the bracelet! Topaz is the ideal gem to use in bracelets because, due to its clarity and transparency, it displays a wonderful glow that shines with each movement of the hand. Whether in a floral or an abstract design, set in gold or silver, a topaz bracelet is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful accessories to wear.


If you already have some jewelry with Topaz, such as mentioned above, a Topaz pendant is an ideal addition to your wardrobe. A set of Topaz jewelry will complete your look and give you an air of elegance. Authentic gems set in precious metal are indispensable conditions in Juwelo´s jewelry designs.

If you want a distinguished piece of jewelry, with an authentic precious gemstone, set in a design where every detail has been carefully taken care of then a piece of jewelry with Topaz from Juwelo´s collections is the perfect alternative for you.

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