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Tourmaline gemstones are found in Brazil, Pakistan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique and other parts of Africa, as well as in California and Maine in the US. Designer Tourmaline jewelry is found with gemstones ranging from very affordable to AAA Fancy, meaning they are considered to be "near perfect". At, even our high-end options are offered at a great price. The gems colors are so varied and lush that Tourmaline has at times been mistaken for other stones. In the 17th Century, some of the ‘Rubies’ in the Russian Crown Jewels were later discovered to be Rubellite Tourmaline. Tourmaline jewelry and gemstones have since been well established as their own precious minerals and are quite beloved.

Authentic Tourmaline Gemstones


Gorgeous Tourmaline rings utilize one of the ‘birthstones’ of those lucky babes born in the month of October. The ‘two birthstone month’ also includes the magically luminous Opal, prompting some designers to design Tourmaline rings and other pieces of jewelry that combine both gemstones into one creation! Fun! Yet another instance of gemstone jewel designs joining the fashion-forward fun of “mixing things up”. Tourmaline is a rare gemstone, in that it comes in all colors of the rainbow. The birthstone match with October, in part, references the intense bright colors of fall. These colors include the fiery yellow, reds and oranges of the turning leaves, the bright blues of crisp pre-winter skies, the deep blues of the seas, the greens of seagrasses and all of the other wonderful colors that the season and nature have to offer. Some of the favorite Tourmaline rings at, include the vivid aqua blues of the AAA Paraiba, the light to deep Emerald greens of Brazilian Tourmaline varieties, and the pop of sugary-sweet pink Tourmaline, like Pink Cuprian Tourmaline. So many gem variety and color options for your next Tourmaline ring! Price options too. The availability and affordability of larger stones in this gemstone family make Tourmaline PERFECT for trendy, head-turning cocktail and statement rings.


Pink and green, the colors of Spring. Set in sterling silver or 10K gold, earrings with Tourmaline will definitely improve your mood and add a certain sparkle to your wardrobe! The feminine beauty of pink Tourmaline looks especially pretty in a heart or round cut to catch the light from any angle. The green hues of chrome Tourmaline particularly shine when framed by red hair tucked behind the ear. At you can choose between 10K gold settings or sterling silver to suit any skin tone and style. We are sure that you won´t be able to choose just one pair!


Pink Tourmaline rings are “in the pink” right now. Pink Tourmaline is rare. Some legends say the gemstone has been able to help heal broken hearts and clear out old, unwanted emotions. Not only that, they are incredibly lovely to wear! Most everyone looks good in pink and pink makes people happy, especially when matched with gold or sterling silver, and maybe even boosted with some white secondary stones. This rare but affordable gemstone, set in a beautifully made gold or sterling ring setting, makes for a very nice accessory for the little princess inside the hearts of ALL OF US. Fuchsia AAA Pink Tourmaline and the Brazilian AAA Morro Redondo Pink Tourmaline are some of the beautiful pink gems used in our popular pink Tourmaline rings at

Nigerian Pink Tourmaline Necklace


Fact and fiction show that Tourmaline was known as a very powerful crystal in healing the heart and mind, as well as for creative inspiration. The stones were even collected by poets, including Shakespeare himself. So, find yourself a new Tourmaline necklace or pendant to add to your jewelry collection. It just might help in the heartbreak department, and then you can write that book you have been pondering! Set in gold or sterling silver, a single stone pendant is perfect for wearing every day, even during your nights out with the ladies. Or turn it up a notch and wear a lush multi-stoned drop or link Tourmaline necklace to work and segue easily into the nightlife. The lovely choices are yours.


Do you want that Emerald Ring fabulousness, but priced realistically for your budget? A nice, fancy, BIG faceted stone set beautifully in a gold or sterling silver setting? Well stop tapping your newly manicured, sage green nails and go ahead and shop in our Tourmaline jewelry department. Green chrome Tourmalines are well, really green and cost a fraction of what an Emerald ring does. Try our Brazilian Santa Rosa Tourmaline rings. These stones are famous for their deep green hues. Most are cut in the Emerald (table cut) style and set in gold or sterling. The green gemstone carries legends as many gemstones do, including the ability to aid in strength and stamina! So, gift a Tourmaline ring from to that runner in your life, even if that runner is you!

Green Tourmaline Gold Ring

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