Advice for Wearing Jewelry

“A strong piece of jewelry can make a simple outfit look elegant.”

Giorgio Armani

A beautiful yellow gold ring with Ratanakiri Zircon

A rare Cat's-Eye Alexandrite

Wearing jewelry in the best possible way depends not only on personal taste, but also on following a few useful tips. The book ‘Jewelry Savvy’ by Cynthia A. Silwa and Caroline Stanley is brimming with good advice on how to choose the ideal jewel. We have collected a few of these pearls of wisdom for you:

  • Details on larger earrings bring out facial features and flatten larger ears.
  • Because they do not detract from the shape of the ear, stud earrings look good on just about everyone. Just wear studs in proportion to the size of your earlobes.
  • To avoid drawing attention to your nose, wear earrings that are not the same length or shape as your nose.
  • Earrings that hide the earlobe, or worse, hang below them are less suitable; better to wear earrings with a shape that mirrors your eyes or your mouth.
  • The earrings that most easily adapt to any situations are button earrings, with a shell shape and 1 inch in diameter or circular, round or oval earrings of the same size.
  • In the workplace, do not wear earrings larger than 1 inch in height and width.
  • Your jawline determines the type of necklace and earrings that suit you best.
  • Select your necklaces to complement your neckline and not create an aesthetic imbalance.
  • Longer rather than narrower rings make fingers appear longer.
  • Rings with a large setting, or multiple rings on a single finger, make fingers appear shorter.
A necklace with Amber

A necklace with Amber

  • A ring with an asymmetric or diagonal setting may have the effect of making fingers appear longer.
  • A ring with a narrow strip extending along the midline of the finger may make the hand appear wider.
  • Wearing rings on all fingers makes the hand appear wider.
  • Large rings look best on long fingers and large hands.
  • Before leaving the house, look at yourself in a full-length mirror to see how your jewelry looks on you.
  • The focus of any jewelry ensemble, the ‘portrait area’, is an oval, approximately the width of your face, extending from the top of your head to an area below the chin, the size of your head.
  • To get a handle on different jewelry styles, why not have a jewelry party! Ask your friends to bring their jewelry along so that everyone can try them on. Make sure you take pictures to discuss the results later.
  • Jewelry is always a great conversation starter in everyday situations. You will be surprised to see how many people start a conversation after mutual comments on jewelry being worn.
Bracelet with sweetwater pearls

Bracelet with freshwater pearls

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