Who is Juwelo?

Juwelo Founders

Juwelo Founders

Who we are

While silver, gold and platinum will shine, the full effect of precious metals comes alive when set with sparkling gems. Colored gemstones are our specialty here at Juwelo, where you will find a diverse selection of authentic high quality gemstone jewelry set with the most stunning stones from all over the world, all at very affordable prices.

Who is Juwelo?

Juwelo.com is the US-Subsidiary of publically-traded elumeo SE, the European leader in electronic retailing of fine handcrafted gemstone jewelry. The management of elumeo has over 20 years’ experience in the gemstone and jewelry business, proudly offering exceptional quality jewelry at the most competitive prices.

handcrafted jewelry

Handcrafted by our factory in Thailand

The elumeo Group was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Berlin. We offer our customers colored gemstone jewelry at comparatively low prices via a number of electronic distribution channels (including television, the Internet, smart TV and our smartphone app). Our distribution model relies exclusively on direct sales made via the elumeo Group’s home-shopping TV channels in Germany, the UK and Italy, and via online stores in Germany, the UK, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and the USA.

We have expert gemstone buyers, who are traveling to all major gem markets around the world and buying directly from the mines. Juwelo obtains its gems only from trusted sources, strongly rejecting the trade of illegally obtained stones. The gemstones we purchase are not financing armed conflicts or supporting terrorist activities, nor do we engage in business relating to jewelry made from endangered species (e.g. coral).

Our Campus in Thailand

Our treasures are precisely handcrafted by our team in Thailand with a factory campus located in Chanthaburi, a major hub in the gem trade for over 80 years. There are only two similar markets – Jaipur (India) and Teófilo Otoni (Brazil) but, only in Chanthaburi, can gems be acquired in such large quantities. As a Juwelo customer you benefit from this location because this is how we provide such an extensive and inexpensive range of different precious stones. Our portfolio has featured over 500 different gemstones.

Our designers in Thailand

Our designers in Thailand

Juwelo’s manufacturing campus in Thailand is Chanthaburi’s largest jewelry production facility with over 750 employees in twenty departments covering all aspects of jewelry production. There are 130 certified gemstone setters and over 90 in our Quality Assurance department to maintain the company’s long-standing commitment to product quality. We maintain a very high standard of employment conditions and occupational health standards; paying in excess of compensation levels specified under collective agreements, providing health insurance for all employees and the campus even houses its own kindergarten.

Juwelo’s Mission

Juwelo is passionate about its mission to produce genuine gemstone jewelry at affordable prices. Our industry experts negotiate highly competitive prices, directly passing on the savings to our customers. We are proud to be a mine-to-market jeweler involved in nearly all areas of jewelry production and direct customer sales. There’s no middleman so our customers benefit with our highly competitive and affordable prices.

Whether you share our passion for gemstone jewelry or just looking for that right piece to add to your collection, your satisfaction is very important to us. In the US, we intend to continue what we established throughout Europe, building long-lasting customer relationships. We plan on continuing our tradition of strong customer loyalty. Join us and let us know what you think. It is not just words when we say your feedback is important to us. Spoil yourself and visit Juwelo.com today.

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