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Page 3 of 34" Produkte"

Breakfast at Tiffany's and your necklace

The cinematic image of Audrey Hepburn sipping her coffee to go and nibbling on her pastry while …coveting jewels that are out of her reach will forever be etched in our collective conscious. The great news is that at Rocks and Co., the fantasy of owning a little bit of luxury at an affordable price can quite easily become a reality. Let's dive into the world of necklaces and in particular, the love of gemstone necklaces shall we? Long necklaces can fall below the for an artsy statement look, similar to the flappers of the 1920s, or necklaces can be worn close to the neck as with collars of luxurious gemstones, chains or beading. Then there are the classic lengths of 40,64 cm and 45,72 cm for gold or silver chain and beaded necklaces. What is your necklace length/style preference? Is your potential gift giver aware of this preference?

Gold necklaces

Owning a gold necklace can give one a feeling of luxury. A gold necklace can become a treasured keepsake. Something very special, to give or receive. All the more special when designed using gemstones. A gold chain with a pendant can be simply gorgeous. The precious metal itself holds such a beauty and shine. A little gold goes a long way. Gold purity can range from 9 to 48 karats, which refers to the amount of pure gold. 24 karat is pure and 18 karat mixed with copper or silver is 75% pure. A 9 karat well designed and finished pendant can often compete with the same in a higher karat. The advantage of 18 karats versus 24 karats is that the former will scratch and bend less easily, whereas pure gold is extremely malleable and therefore rarely used for fear of damage. Ah, to have the Midas touch! King Midas was the last of the three kings of Phrygia and was said to have the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This turned out to be a dangerous and unwanted ability but for a fleeting moment, it was divine!

Silver necklace

Silver necklaces

Sterling silver necklaces are wonderful because they are made using a relatively lower-priced precious metal. This "white metal" is very popular along with the more expensive white metals of white gold and platinum. Depending on your skin tone and wardrobe, sterling might be preferred over a yellow or pink gold. Skin tones are the underlying colour and not the shade of one's skin. Skin tones range from warm to cool and sometimes people have a combination. The bottom line is to wear what you feel comfortable with and truly love. It is fun to explore the possible combinations of precious metals and gemstones. So, for example, sterling silver is a stunner paired white/clear Zircon. Garnet or any primary colour stone looks divine paired with the white brightness of sterling as well. The more “earthy” coloured stones like the brown of Smoky Quartz, are also a perfect match for sterling. Have fun discovering the combinations of your fancy. There are as well creative designs combining both sterling and gold together.

Pendant necklaces

The age-old tradition of various religious symbols being worn in pendant form predates the current pendant craze by thousands of years. There is the Wheel of Dharma, the Holy Cross, the Star of David, the Om symbol, the Star and Crescent, the Nine Pointed Star, the Triple spiral, the Taijitu, just to name a few! Pendant popularity is at an all-time high. Popular pendants are made using letters, names, positive words, negative words, star signs, animals and so forth, and of course pendants made from one or more gemstone, which then hang at the end of chains or chords. Pendants can be large, small, long, short, round, square, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, circle shaped and that is just the tip of the pendant iceberg.

The long pendant and the short pendant of necklaces

Long pendants are elegant and eye-catching. A 38,1mm sterling or gold pendant has a geometry and weight to its beauty. Whether it is a plain gold bar or a row of gemstones set in a Riviere style ( Tennis bracelet style of a row of stones of the same size set in a prong or bezel settings) it stands out from the others in the pendant world.

Sphene necklace

Open the Rocks and Co. gemstone necklace Pandora's box!

At Rocks and Co., if you want to search for your new favourite Gemstone necklace with a little sense of adventure simply sort via the necklace category or select most popular under the gemstone tab. Then you will have opened a whole pandora's box of strong>Gemstone Jewellery and necklaces which include gemstone favourites like DIAMOND, RUBY, SAPPHIRE, EMERALD, AQUAMARINE, TOPAZ, AMETHYST, GARNET, PERIDOT, TANZANITE, OPAL, MOONSTONE, PEARL, TOURMALINE & ZIRCON…. To name a few!

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