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Morganite Jewellery

Lovely; romantic Morganite jewellery features the violet-pink, pastel pink and coral variety of Beryl, with a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. Morganite jewels are a strong, brilliant, and very affordable alternative to pink Diamond and pink Sapphire jewels. The gemstone was discovered in Madagascar in 1910 and named after banker and gemstone investor/enthusiast JP Morgan. At Juwelo, our brands and designers have created beautiful Morganite jewels set in yellow, white and pink gold as well as in sterling silver. The designs include classic, organic, streamlined, ornate and filigreed pieces, using gems mined mainly in Afghanistan, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and Madagascar. Although these rare gems have been around for some time, their steadily-growing popularity is relatively recent.

Morganite rings

Pink gemstone rings and jewels are some of the favourites after blue, especially with the ladies. Morganite rings are increasingly being sought after as engagement and wedding ring alternatives. The stature and brilliance of the stones make them the perfect choice no matter the cut. A Morganite solitaire makes a beautiful statement or cocktail ring, as would a tear-drop cut set in a halo setting. The use of various hued Diamonds as secondary stones in ring designs add contrast and enhancement to the jewels. Bezel settings are the most protective of this gem, which is more vulnerable than its harder gemstone peers. If you are a careful jewel wearer a pronged setting is fine. If you are on the women's soccer team, go with the bevel setting!

Morganite in Yellow Gold

Morganite in yellow gold can be a very compatible combo, generally bringing out the yellows in the gemstone thereby giving it a brighter appearance. A cooler rose pink Morganite (with blue in it) combined with the warmth of yellow gold is a party for the eyes. The pairing of a warmer peach coloured Morganite with yellow gold gives a beautiful Midas touch to the jewel. The combination of pink and gold can be taken into additional accessories and clothing items. A pink jumper with a silk scarf featuring pinks and yellows would be a joyous complement to your Morganite gold ring or jewel. A pink mani-pedi continues the play with these primary colours as well. Beautiful and fun.

Pink Morganite

Romantic pink gemstones are so hard to resist and have been popular for thousands of years! Pink gems are a legendary talisman for love, romance, loyalty and beauty. The colour is romantic but also flattering on all skin tones and part of a growing wedding ring trend away from Diamonds and  towards other gorgeous gemstones, such as Pink Diamonds, pink Tourmaline, pink Sapphire, pink Topaz and so on. Morganite is the pink variation of the mineral Beryl, which includes Aquamarine and Emerald. Morganite's pink hues can be a cooler rose, pastel, peach and salmon. Morganite has a distinct pleochroism of pale blue pink and salmon which give its gorgeous hues.

Morganite on sale

Morganite is stunningly beautiful and one of the most affordable of all of the pink gemstones. Pink gem wise, the order of popularity is pink Diamond, Pink Sapphire and Morganite. So, if you have a pink Diamond or pink Sapphire taste, but do not have the bankroll for it, Morganite could be the perfect jewel for you! At Juwelo Morganite is on sale and in fashion every day! We have an ongoing 10% discount on the purchase when you bring a friend into our Juwelo family, via our 'Refer a Friend' offer! Introduce a friend to Juwelo & you will both receive 10% off* from your next orders! Simply have your friend to call our Customer Service Team on 0800 931 3333, quote your Customer ID number & you will both receive your discount! The 'Refer a Friend' offer can be used an unlimited number of times, so spread the word & enjoy the many benefits!

Morganite in rose gold

A long-lasting trend, Morganite in rose gold jewels enhances the colour of the pink gem. Morganite in rose gold, also known as pink gold; red gold or Russian gold, are jewels set in a gold alloy where gold is combined with copper.  Sometimes a small amount of silver is added to the alloy. The amount of copper determines the hue of the gold.  The amount of copper in ratio to the gold determines how red the hue of the 'pink gold' aka 'rose gold' appears. 18k rose gold is 75% pure gold to 25% copper alloy and 14k rose gold is 58% pure gold with 42% copper. Darker pink Morganite gems set well in darker rose gold (9 to 10k) and the lighter gems bode well with the paler rose gold (14k plus). The look can enhance the beauty of the gorgeous and strong pink Beryl. At Juwelo so much goes into choosing gems, precious metals and design plans in order to create our collectable jewels.

Morganite necklaces

Picture a pear-shaped Morganite pendant in a halo of white diamonds, hanging from a gold chain. Morganite necklaces are charming, romantic heartwarming jewels. Morganite necklaces enhance the décolletage with some of the most flattering jewels. The term “pretty in pink” is a truth. The colour is a natural beauty filter. Although we always set our Morganite necklaces with precious metals of gold and silver, this pink jewel is quite affordable compared to other pink gemstone jewellery.

Morganite facts & legends

  • Pink jewels are extremely popular and in high demand.
  • Morganite is a conflict-free, affordable alternative to pink Diamonds.
  • Morganite was discovered in 1910 by George Kuntz, Head Gemologist at Tiffany & Co.
  • The gem was named after banker and gem enthusiast J.P. Morgan.
  • The jewel is mined in Afghanistan, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Mozambique, Namibia, and the US, but the rarer, premium material comes from Madagascar.
  • The gem is generally known for being free of inclusions.
  • According to surveys, Morganite is the third most popular pink gem after pink Diamond and pink Sapphire.
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