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Back Gemstone variety
  1. Black Diamond 24
  2. Blauer I2 Diamond 11
  3. Blauer I3 Diamond 37
  4. Blue Diamond 5
  5. Blue I4 Diamond 3
  6. Blue SI2 Diamond 4
  7. Blue VS1 diamond 1
  8. Champagne Diamond 2
  9. Diamond 5
  10. Emerald Green Diamond 3
  11. Flawless (D) Diamond 1
  12. Flawless (F) Diamond 84
  13. Forrest Green Diamond 2
  14. Gelber SI2 Diamant 31
  15. Green Diamond 3
  16. Green I1 Diamond 3
  17. Green I2 Diamond 7
  18. Green I3 Diamond 15
  19. Green I4 Diamond 2
  20. Green SI2 Diamond 1
  21. I1 (G) Diamond 51
  22. I1 (H) Diamond 47
  23. I1 (I) Diamond 15
  24. I1 Champagne Diamond 5
  25. I1 Chocolate Diamond 9
  26. I1 Cognac Diamond 1
  27. I2 (H) Diamond 10
  28. I2 (I) Diamond 81
  29. I2 (J) Diamond 13
  30. I2 Champagne Diamond 35
  31. I2 Chocolate Diamond 22
  32. I3 (H) Diamond 14
  33. I3 (I) Diamond 19
  34. I3 (J) Diamond 29
  35. I3 Argyle Champagne Diamond 1
  36. I3 Argyle Cognac Diamond 2
  37. I3 Champagne Diamond 54
  38. I3 Chocolate-Diamond 16
  39. I3 Cognac Diamond 2
  40. I4 (J) Diamond 44
  41. I4 Champagne Diamond 10
  42. I4 Chocolate Diamond 1
  43. I4 Fancy Diamond 1
  44. IF (D) Diamond 36
  45. Kanariengelber SI1 Diamond 1
  46. Orange SI2 Diamond 4
  47. Pink I1 Diamond 10
  48. Pink I3 Argyle Diamond 16
  49. PK (J) Diamond 18
  50. PK Champagne Diamond 1
  51. PK Chocolate Diamond 3
  52. PK Yellow Diamond 1
  53. Red Cognac Diamond 2
  54. Red I1 Cognac Diamond 1
  55. Red I1 Diamond 1
  56. Red I3 Diamond 12
  57. Red I4 Diamond 4
  58. Red SI1 Diamond 3
  59. Roter I2 Diamond 7
  60. Royal Blue Diamond 7
  61. SI Diamond 6
  62. SI1 (G) Diamond 122
  63. SI1 (H) Diamond 56
  64. SI1 (I) Diamond 4
  65. SI1 (J) Diamond 2
  66. SI1 Argyle Champagne Diamond 2
  67. SI1 Argyle Chokolate Diamond 5
  68. SI1 Argyle Cognac Diamond 10
  69. SI1 Argyle Rose de France Diamond 57
  70. SI1 Blue Diamond 3
  71. SI1 Champagne Diamond 6
  72. SI2 (G) Diamond 22
  73. SI2 (H) Diamond 77
  74. SI2 (J) Diamond 4
  75. SI2 Argyle Champagne Diamond 1
  76. SI2 Argyle Chocolate Diamond 1
  77. SI2 Champagne Diamond 3
  78. SI2 Chocolate Diamond 13
  79. SI2 Fancy Diamond 28
  80. SI3 (G) Diamond 1
  81. Silver coloured Diamond 3
  82. Sky blue I1 Diamond 3
  83. Sky blue I2 Diamond 2
  84. Sky blue I3 Diamond 1
  85. VS1 (E) Diamond 1
  86. VS1 (F) Diamond 1
  87. VS1 (G) Diamond 7
  88. VS1 Argyle Rose de France Diamond 8
  89. VS1 Cognac Diamond 1
  90. VS1 Green Diamond 3
  91. VS1 Yellow Diamond 2
  92. VS2 (F) Diamond 1
  93. VS2 (G) Canadian Diamond 1
  94. VS2 (G) Diamond 3
  95. VS2 (H) Diamond 22
  96. VS2 (J) Diamond 1
  97. VS2 Chocolate Diamond 6
  98. VVS1 (E) Diamond 4
  99. VVS1 (F) Diamond 1
  100. VVS2 (E) Diamond 1
  101. VVS2 (H) Diamond 1
  102. Yellow I1 Diamant 1
  103. Yellow I2 Diamond 8
  104. Yellow I3 Diamond 26
  105. Yellow I4 Diamond 4
  106. Yellow SI1 Diamond 4
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Back Setting
  1. Beam mount 3
  2. Bezel Setting 367
  3. Bezel/Prong 1
  4. Channel Setting 105
  5. Eingerieben 3
  6. Invisible 1
  7. Krappen-/Zargenfassung 1
  8. Pavé 152
  9. Pin/Prong 1
  10. Prong 755
  11. Prong/Channel 1
  12. V-Prong 1
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Diamond Rings

Style and fashion have become increasingly fun and bold with each new season. 2019 brings some exciting trends for jewellery, one being statement jewellery. This means oversized settings, large stones and/or many gems, in minimalist, creative, and ornate settings. For Diamond rings and Diamond jewellery, this trend is fun because it can include the incorporation of black Diamonds, white Diamonds, and colourful fancy Diamonds. Stand out shoes and bags have had and continue to have their day in fashion, but now is the time for bold jewellery! Luxurious Diamond rings are already bold because of the value and fire of the stones, but when created as a statement design, such as a group of tiny pavé-cut Diamonds, set in a gold dome ring, we have a winner. And there you have it, a statement ring also known as a cocktail ring. Not to worry classic fans, the classic Solitaire and three stone Diamond rings styles, etc., will always be a standard, no matter the trend. Back to the forecast! Multiple ring stacking and necklace layering are bigger than ever. The runways have been full of layered accessories looks. Stack your rings, bracelets, and necklaces! Don't be afraid to mix gemstone types and colours together, as well as precious metal setting colours. A Diamond ring can easily mix with a Sapphire pendant or Ruby earrings, for example.

Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond rings are quite intriguing. The shiny black gem appeals to the Goth in all of us, which is actually a Victorian influenced style, when you look closer. White Diamond is pure polycrystalline, but when graphite and amorphous carbon come into the mix it becomes Carbonado, or black Diamond which are only found in Brazil and central Africa. A black Diamond ring with several stones set in sterling or gold is just stunning. The contrast is quite impressive and rich. Black Diamond rings, with their classic jet-black hue and incredible shine, are very beautiful indeed.  A black Diamond ring is a great addition to your collection!

Solitaire Ring

The Diamond Solitaire is as classic as strawberries and cream. A single stone Diamond solitaire ring's price depends on the quality and size of the stone. This bends the one-stone-only rule of the solitaire definition just a bit! By the way, this quality of solitaire ring can fetch far more in the market than we charge. One tip when buying a solitaire Diamond ring is that the smaller the stone, the bigger the chance for a lower priced ring. However, the grade of the Diamond has a huge role in value and price. The greater absence of inclusions the more expensive the Diamond solitaire ring will be!

Diamond Necklace

Yes, Diamonds are a girl & boy's best friends. Just as with true good friends, Diamonds are rare and very valuable indeed! Your Diamond necklace bestie can simply be the classic solitaire pendant of a white, black or fancy diamond sitting comfortably in a pronged or bevel setting, anchoring a delicate gold or silver chain. Or it could be a multi Diamond necklace, which is definitely a few tiers up in value and price. At Juwelo, we like to offer both levels in addition to affordable, mid-price options! A Diamond necklace, no matter the size, upgrades everything that you wear with it, plus it gives one a well-cared-for feeling. A big part of self-adornment and self-care!

Diamond Earrings

Make your style debut for 2019 in a new pair of Diamond earrings. The world's strongest and brightest gemstone framing your lovely face is not a bad way to start the year! Try a simple and gorgeous pair of solitaire stud earrings and keep it classic. Or go a little wild and invest in a pair of three-diamond earring studs. There are traditional teardrop shapes and mini to large chandelier styles to choose from.

Diamond Bracelet

A Diamond bracelet will glamourize your outfit with the world's hardest and brightest gemstone, but that's not the end of the story. The cool thing about delicate, valuable Diamond jewellery is the knowledge that you are adorning yourself with something that you love and that has great value. It's kind of like an open secret. Your Diamond bracelet can be a delicate gold or silver chain with one Diamond set in it or dangling, or it can be a multiple stone bracelet, which brings the value and investment up to a whole new level. Luckily there are quite a few Diamond bracelet style and price options with us at Juwelo.

Gold Diamond Rings

Bold accessories are one of the fashion trends of 2019. Statement rings, cocktail rings and other statement accessories are here. A gold Diamond ring with a large dome filled with pave Diamonds is definitely a statement and something to gab about at the cocktail party.

Men's Diamond Rings

According to the international style reporters, men's bling has made a slow but very steady arrival on the runway and off. The NY Times writes that it started with the addition of men's fashion weeks a few years ago, and of course, with the influence of the Madmen of Instagram. Men's rings are the hottest sellers of men's accessories around the world. There have been other moments in history when men rocked the bling especially rings much more so than women. Men's Diamond rings truly are a man's best friend! Or you would think so with the enjoyment of Men's Diamond rings in the fashion and real world. Comfort is very important to men in all forms of fashion. Dome shapes, wide bands and very good finishing of the precious metals are key. Pavé, solitaire, eternity and more are all available for men in the ring department. In fact, forecasters are seeing more and more of a unisex trend in jewellery design. So, gals grabbing a men's diamond ring for size and comfort are shoppers of the future. The next big thing for men's style? Necklaces! Check it out, gents.
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