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  • Experts in Genuine Gemstone Jewellery for 15 Years
  • Only Real Gemstones
  • Over 8,000,000 Jewellery Pieces Sold
  • All Gemstones Certified
  • Best Prices
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1. This is Juwelo

What Juwelo Stands For

Juwelo offers you an extensive range of high-quality gemstone jewellery: our diversity is our hallmark. We are experts in the field of coloured gemstones. Only at Juwelo will you find such a selection of attractive jewellery featuring exclusively genuine gemstones.

We offer your favourite jewellery piece through two sales channels: live in our TV auctions or in our online shop. You will discover that gemstone jewellery is our passion - let yourself be inspired!

Juwelo's Offer

Real gemstones, the widest variety, and the best prices. Only at Juwelo will you find jewellery with 100% genuine gemstones at the best prices. For over 13 years, we have been offering our customers real gemstone jewellery. With over 8,000,000 pieces of jewellery sold, we have proven that our extensive range appeals not only to collectors of precious and rare gemstones but also to trend-conscious bargain hunters. An extensive jewellery selection with 20,000 different designs and over 500 different gemstones provides you with the full range. Our diversity is our unique selling point. Take a look at our range, you're sure to find something!

Everything Under One Roof

From A like Amethyst to Z like Zircon: At Juwelo, you'll find the widest variety of genuine gemstones that we source worldwide for you.

The world of gemstones is constantly evolving. Whether it's new gemstone discoveries or rapidly changing trends, purchasing gemstones requires swift action and flexible decision-making processes. Our gemstone buyers travel the world and have strong networks, so they don't miss any new gemstone discoveries. We always keep an eye on developments in the largest gemstone markets of Jaipur and Bangkok - this is the only way gemstones can be acquired in such vast quantities as we offer them to you! This allows us to offer you rarities and rare collector's gemstones that you won't find elsewhere. As experts, we are your go-to when you're looking for special gemstones as an investment.

In-House Jewellery Manufacturing

We meticulously handcraft exquisite jewellery pieces just for you. Our skilled goldsmiths and gemstone setters, with their expertise, carefully set these precious gemstones in gold or silver. Our range includes valuable 750 and 585 gold as well as more affordable 375 gold. Our silver jewellery is crafted from nickel-free 925 sterling silver.

Our jewellery designers work tirelessly to offer you ever-new and modern designs. Be inspired: you'll find both classic designs and cutting-edge statement pieces in our extensive selection

Our Partners in Thailand and India

Juwelo's gemstone jewellery stands out for its quality and price, and we achieve this through an integrated model: all the necessary steps, from discovering a gemstone to crafting it into a dazzling piece of jewellery, are carried out by our experts themselves. We work closely with our partners in India and Thailand to perform the essential processes of jewellery manufacturing. The Juwelo team includes passionate gemstone buyers, cutters, jewellery designers, goldsmiths, and gemstone setters. For 13 years, Juwelo has been synonymous with genuine gemstone jewellery at the best prices. To make this possible, we work on-site at the heart of the global jewellery and gemstone trade. This ensures that our jewellery always takes the shortest route: from the gemstone mine to our own workshop and from there to your doorstep.

Juwelo operates worldwide and has its own production facilities in Thailand and India. Thailand is the hub for the enhancement and trade of rubies and sapphires – and for a good reason, it's where Juwelo established its first manufacturing center. In the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, in Teófilo Otoni, Juwelo has employed gemstone buyers because Minas Gerais is where Brazil's numerous gemstone treasures are sold. In Jaipur, India, Juwelo has had its production facility since 2019. The city combines a long tradition in the gemstone trade with modern production facilities, making it the ideal setting for Juwelo India. Close collaboration with our design team in Berlin enables us to offer you gemstone jewellery that is fashionable and unique, characterized by excellent quality alongside an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

From our gemstone buyers who travel the world for Juwelo to our customer service representatives, everyone works daily to provide you with the best quality and a secure feeling when purchasing gemstone jewellery.

Gemstone Jewellery at Unbeatable Prices

The Juwelo brand is synonymous with affordable genuine jewellery, often available at prices even lower than costume jewellery. The selection of gemstone jewellery is enormous, offering a wide range of diverse designs. Juwelo dispels the myth that genuine gemstone jewellery must be expensive: thousands of delighted Juwelo customers confirm this. See for yourself; we are confident you will be thrilled by our variety and selection, and you will discover the jewellery with the perfect gemstone for you.

2. Certificate of Authenticity

Shopping is a Matter of Trust

We live in a constantly changing world. More and more people are aware of global social and environmental issues - the last thing we want is for negative feelings to arise in connection with gemstones. That's why buying gemstones is always a matter of trust: trust that you can be sure your gemstone comes from secure sources and is not used to finance civil wars or terrorism. In the case of diamonds, this proof is made easier thanks to the United Nations and the Kimberley Process. You will receive an authenticity certificate for all our gemstones, listing the origin of all gemstones used in the jewellery.

The Juwelo Authenticity Certificate

Juwelo exclusively offers you genuine gemstone jewellery. In every case, you can trace the origin and individual characteristics of our numerous treasures. With your purchased piece of jewellery, you will receive a special certificate from us. This not only guarantees the authenticity of your Juwelo gemstone jewellery but also provides you with essential information about the gemstones used in the respective item (name, cut, size, the number of gemstones processed, origin, carat weight, as well as details about the type and weight of the metal).

For the sake of the environment, you will receive high-quality paper certificates.

3. Shopping at Juwelo.com

Why Juwelo?

The versatile range at Juwelo includes gold and silver jewellery set with gemstones that are guaranteed to be 100% natural in origin. Juwelo offers you over 1000 different gemstone varieties in a multitude of designs, a selection you won't find anywhere else. The gemstones are set in 925 sterling silver or in various gold alloys such as white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Genuine gemstones make the difference and elevate every piece of jewellery. Find your favourite at Juwelo, the online jeweller you can trust, at unbeatable prices.

How valuable is Juwelo's jewellery?

Juwelo offers only genuine jewellery. Our pieces are made from real gold and silver and are set with genuine gemstones. We do not offer costume jewellery, which is often made from copper alloys and often features glass or synthetic gemstones. Our gemstones are of natural origin, a gift from Mother Nature. But what determines the price and therefore the value of a piece of jewellery?

In addition to the quality of the gemstone, it's the material from which your jewellery is made: gold and silver differ in price, with silver naturally being more affordable than real gold. The amount of precious metal used in the piece also matters.

To determine the value of a gemstone, precise criteria are used to assess the price of a coloured gemstone. These criteria are applied worldwide by everyone who works with, trades, sells, and collects gemstones:

Carat Weight:

In general, the heavier a gemstone, the higher its price per carat. Since large gemstones are rarer than small ones, their price per carat does not increase proportionally. For example, a three-carat ruby is always more valuable than three one-carat rubies of the same quality.


Rarity is a defining characteristic of gemstones. If a gemstone is so rare that it's not widely known to the public, it's referred to as an "exotic gemstone." However, this criterion can be challenging for a layperson to assess. Feel free to reach out to Juwelo with any questions. We're here for you and can answer all your questions about gemstones.


A perfectly tailored cut turns a rough crystal into a gemstone. Expertise is required because the goal is to enhance the stone's beauty while losing as few carats as possible!


ome gemstones, such as ruby and emerald, feature inclusions that are considered beauty marks as they authenticate their authenticity and make these gemstones unique masterpieces of nature. This differs with diamonds, where clarity (alongside color) plays a significant role in determining value.

Gemstones like topaz and amethyst are highly prized for their clarity. Therefore, it always depends on the individual stone and its characteristics.

In summary, when you purchase jewellery from Juwelo, you are getting valuable jewellery known for its high quality. We offer our customers valuable gemstone jewellery in a wide range, from affordable silver jewellery to designer jewellery in gold. We guarantee the best prices and a return policy if something doesn't meet your expectations. You also receive an authenticity certificate for all gemstones. If you're interested in gemstone jewellery, you've come to the right place with us!

What can I expect as a new customer?

We are delighted that you have found your way to us! As a new customer, you can enjoy not only free shipping on your first order on TV and in the online shop but also a €10 discount on your online shop order over €29. Your free welcome package will be included with your first order, providing you with some insights into the world of gemstones. You are welcome to keep the book "The World of Gemstones" (even in the event of a return). Now, discover the quality of our jewellery and our service for yourself, and feel free to contact Juwelo Customer Service at any time. We are here to assist with any questions or concerns.

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