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Bracelets of Beauty and Meaning

Many bracelets are obtained for their 'meaning' as well as for their beauty. Bracelets with meaning include life-saving medical alert bracelets, bracelets used in spiritual meditation, those purchased and worn in support of a cause and those given to celebrate a relationship or achievement. Gemstones are minerals which come from the earth and carry energy. Quartz has a tiny electric current which has been used in the regulating watches for centuries and now is vital for the production of computers and other 'hi-tech' devices. So, why wouldn't gemstones and crystals have an effect on the human heart and brain? This is a rather controversial topic! Some claim that each stone contains its own special ability to aid in either healing, protection, wish fulfilment or all of the above. Many of these beliefs have roots in Ayurveda, Ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations. Whatever your beliefs, gemstones can aid in healing and happiness if you believe! Charm bracelets hold deep meaning to many who wear them, with each charm having its own backstory and significance.

Gold bracelet with ruby

Gold bracelets

Gold is a dense heavy metal but actually very malleable. Many gold bracelet designs are thus created using a gold plated sterling silver. At Rocks & Co. we use yellow, rose and white gold for our gold bracelet designs. Our elegant gold bracelet designs vary from ornate to classically simple and always showcase genuine gemstones.

Bead bracelets

Beaded bracelets are one of the oldest styles of bracelet and are still incredibly popular to this day. There are woven styles of beaded bracelets rooted in Native American bead weaving techniques. Mala round bead single strand bracelets are based on the prayer beads used by several religious and spiritual practices including those of Buddhism and Hinduism. Theses and the red-hot wrap bracelet have become quite popular, made with glass beads, wood beads and gemstone beads including Amethyst, Jade and Jasper. The popularity of theses Mala style bracelets and necklaces have created a bridge between fashion and spiritual use.

Popular bracelet designs

The classic Diamond and gold Riviere AKA tennis bracelet are linked with pronged settings, and very popular. The style is now are created using a limitless array of gemstone options including Sapphire, Citrine, Opal, Quartz, Amethyst, Garnet and much more. Charm bracelets are always popular as well as varying styles and sizes chain bracelets.

Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are feminine and fun. The sound of a group of bangles on one's wrist makes a wonderful jingle jangle. They can be made of wood, plastic or precious metals. Sterling silver and gold bangles are popular and coveted. Again, with a gold bangle, it is safer to have a gold-plated sterling as gold is a super soft metal and can bend easily.

Silver bracelet

Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets traditionally were made with a link chain of sterling silver or gold. The links making it flexible and easy to attach the small charms of meaning like hearts, stars and four-leaf clovers. Some are designed so that one can add new charms at will. There is a new style of charm bracelet out in which a wrapped hard wire is used instead.

Bracelets for men

People have worn the wrist accessory known as the bracelet for way over 5000 years. Men have worn bracelets since at least the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Some historians say men were the first to wear bracelets. Men have loved their bling for a very long time. The most popular for men are the heavy sterling chains. It is a look with a definite feel and weight. Mala and wrap bracelets of are becoming more popular with the gents, as well.

Bracelets for couples

Many of the younger folk are getting into a new trend of celebrating their love with ’couple’s bracelets'. It is a bit less formal than exchanging rings but gives a strong statement about the couple's status and commitment. These bracelets vary greatly from a cotton or leather wrap bracelet with simple knotted cord, sometimes with a symbol knotted into the design, popular 'Eternity' knot in the middle for example. Matching Mala beads is a simple way to create couples’ bracelets with or without a dangling symbol. Others order special engraved bangles and cuffs poetically or whimsically claiming their BAE (bae - noun informal - a person's boyfriend or girlfriend -often as a form of address). "I'm going to see my bae".

You can be very creative with this whole couple’s bracelet thing. Simply getting a similar style but with different gemstones can create a couples look. Perhaps a chain bracelet of gold for one and silver for the other with an added heart charm. Or maybe a black Spinel bracelet for him and a Kalimaya Opal for her? Get creative! After all, creativity is what keeps a relationship going.

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