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Morganite Rings

What are the latest gemstone ring trends and in particular engagement ring trends and what do these have to do with Morganite rings? Are people sticking fast and true to the Diamond for special events including the Holy Grail of events for many, marriage? Diamonds are gorgeous and even quite variant in hue options, but they are expensive. Some folks are stepping out of the box and venturing towards others in the wonderful world of gemstones. This small change in the tide of style and tradition means buying and commissioning engagement rings with gems like Morganite, Sapphire, Ruby, Moonstone, Pearl and more. Morganite rings feature a gem that was discovered in Madagascar in 1910. It´s a very rare pink Beryl from the famed mineral family, which includes Aquamarine and Emerald. It is strong, rating 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, brilliant and rare, but actually affordable in comparison with Diamond.

Morganite & Diamond Rings

Morganite & Diamonds are a natural match. The romantic pink hue of the Morganite and the fiery white of the Diamond make for a very strong, but feminine, ring. When using Diamonds as the smaller side stones or vice versa, clear white and pink are perfect in an elegant setting of gold or silver.  This combo looks wonderful on most skin tones, worn with both bright and neutral colours. The ring is a natural as a cocktail or statement ring in addition to being part of the new engagement ring gemstone options.

Pink Morganite

Morganite is the pale pink to dark pink to Salmon pink variety of Beryl. The hue and clarity determine the price and value of this rare gem, which has become better known in the past few years. Most Morganite is heat treated to stabilise and enhance the pale pink colours; however, the treatment is not detectable. Morganite´s natural colour is caused by its pleochroism of pale pink and deep blue pink crystals. Durable, dependable, and affordable: pink Morganite is perfect for its trending moment in the spotlight. It´s especially beautiful fashioned in an Emerald or Oval cut, surrounded by small white stones (Diamond, Sapphire, or Topaz) in a halo setting. Pink is the ultimate romantic colour, the colour of love. At Juwelo, online or our live TV auctions, why not find a little pink Morganite love for your finger, wrist or neck?

Emerald-cut Morganite

Morganite has large crystals, and although rare, are still accessible because the gem is not as well known to the public as other gems. These larger stones are perfect for gorgeous Emerald and oval cut jewels. The Art Deco styled-Emerald cut Morganite, depending on the karat, is quite an impressive jewel to have in one’s collection. Whether it is a solitaire ring, or pendant, the stepped cut has a retro look and is classically beautiful. The rectangle shaped cut with its light refracting steps is reminiscent of the Chrysler building and other Art Deco icons of architecture and design. For an engagement ring, similar to a Diamond, Morganite is often fashioned in the marquis, oval, brilliant and Emerald cuts - all meant to enhance the brilliance of these gemstones.

Morganite in gold

Morganite is a rare beautiful stone and should only be purchased when set in precious metals. Morganite in gold is luxurious and will last through time. Whether it is a white, pink or yellow gold setting, is entirely up to you. Sterling silver makes for a respectable beautiful setting as well and can be very cost effective. When you filter Morganite in the Juwelo store, all combinations will come up including Morganite set in gold, platinum or silver.

Peach Colour Morganite

Peach Morganite and Salmon Morganite are the natural hues of this gem. Popularity comes and goes. The more pale and pink pinks are in at the moment. No matter which Morganite pieces you own, hold on to this rare and beautiful stone. You’ll be glad you did. The funny thing about hue trends with gems is the lighter are preferred whilst collectors covet untreated darker hues (peach and salmon). So again, the gemstone world reflects the real world in terms of beauty, value, collect-ability, and preference. The fact is, all-natural gemstones come from the earth and are gifts to be treasured! When mined from a good source, supported with a great design and precious metal settings, the value only increases. At Rocks & Co. we have a wide range of peach coloured Morganite along with all of the other hues available.  If peach is your favourite colour, buck the trend and find that perfect peach coloured Morganite ring or pendant. It’s your style and choice!

Morganite in Rose Gold

At Juwelo we carry beautifully crafted Morganite jewels set in rose gold, a.k.a. pink gold (actually a mixture of gold, silver and copper), yellow, and white gold, as well as sterling silver. When choosing your precious metal try to look at what combines with your skin tone and the colour palate of your wardrobe. At Juwelo our jewels are always nickel free. Gemstone jewellery is an investment. Make sure the trends are something you can live with beyond the trend!  So, pink on pink goes well with cooler skin tones, and cool to neutral colour palates in clothing and accessories. Morganite will usually be a gentler hue compared to the brightness of a pink gold that it is set in.
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