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Kunzite Rings

Kunzite rings are part of the worldwide pink party. What is it about pink that attracts and evokes so much emotion? Is it that pink is the colour of love, nurturing and compassion? What are some other examples of our lives being in the pink? British supermodel Adwoa Aboah's minimal pink lip gloss turning heads on the Molly Goddard runway and complementing the designer’s flowy pink dress. The often pink-haired American singer-songwriter 'Pink'. The pink ribbon symbol representing breast cancer awareness. Marc Jacobs fashion show models wearing vintage pink pastel hair to match vintage pink pastel outfits. The generation-wide pink hair craze, which recently includes Kate Blanchet debuting a delicate pastel pink, long soft bob on the cover of Women's Wear Daily. Pinks are everywhere in nature. Pink hues appear in flowers, fruits, berries, stones, clay, mountains, valleys, sunrises and sunsets. In the man-made world pinks appear in art, fashion, make-up and interior design. Pink can be pastel and delicate like cotton candy, salmon toned like the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2019: 'Living Coral', or bright and bold like the neon pinks, seen in sportswear and sports accessories. A simple bouquet of pink roses changes the whole feeling of a room. Then there’s the 'millennial pink' social media phenomena, which is a blush pink, that is everywhere on Instagram in the form of backdrops, walls, plush chairs, couches, clothing and, of course, accessories. Girly pink drinks from Rosé to cosmopolitans. Precious pink gemstones have been collected, loved and coveted for centuries. Pink gemstones and crystals have been thought to protect, heal, and evoke love and fidelity in addition to being beautiful and flattering to the wearer. So, go ahead and type in pink as a key word in our Juwelo online store and see what gemstone jewel goodies come up! A Juwelo a Kunzite ring is absolutely perfect if you want to add a gorgeous pink gemstone jewel to your collection. Explore the amazing Kunzite ring options at Juwelo. Kunzite is the rare and delicately-hued pink to violet variety of the mineral spodumene. In 1902, George Frederick Kunz, a famed gemologist, identified the gemstone as a unique variety of the mineral spodumene. The gemstone subsequently became his namesake. Currently, the material is found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar and the US. At Juwelo we create all of our Kunzite rings in the precious metals of gold and silver. Kunzite ring designs at Juwelo include ornate filigree and streamlined. You will find a variety of Kunzite ring designs that flatter this stunning gemstone known for its incredible colour. The gem colour comes through whether faceted or in cabochon cuts. The beautiful pink hues come from small amounts of manganese.

Pink Kunzite rings

Pink Kunzite rings are delicately stunning jewels. Pink Kunzite rings have a colour range of pink to violet-pink. The gem is the pink variety of spodumene, and is the most well-known of the mineral family, but also includes yellow to green Hiddenite and Triphane. Kunzite rings contain beautifully pale to intensely pink gemstones. If you are dreaming of a delicate pink Diamond, consider a Kunzite jewel. The value and price go up according to the jewel's colour and clarity.

Kunzite & Diamond rings

Kunzite & Diamond rings have the perfect gemstone colour play for an exquisite fine jewel. Kunzite & Diamond rings are usually designed with a halo of Diamonds around large round, oval or square Kunzite centre stone, giving the Kunzite a starring role. Another design option would be the brilliant Kunzite centre stone with a diamond pave on the shoulders of the band. The white of the Diamonds highlights the violet-pink of the Kunzite.

Kunzite rings on sale

  • At Juwelo you will find an array of Kunzite rings on sale with prices that meet every budget. Clarity and colour determine the price and value of most gems including Kunzite rings. Kunzite rings on sale is an everyday occurrence at Juwelo when you participate in our “Refer a Friend” program, awarding 10% off for you and your mate.

Patroke Kunzite

This extremely rare and highly prized Kunzite is found in the Kunar Valley of the Kunar province in Afghanistan. The gem is known for its extraordinarily deep and intense colours displaying pastel pink, violet and bright pinks. Most of the examples have been snapped up by collectors.

Canary Kunzite

Canary Kunzite is the beautiful canary yellow variety of the gem Spodumene, better known as Hiddenite. Set in yellow gold, the jewels are quite stunning when paired with white Diamonds. Kunzite comes from large crystals allowing decadently large solitaires to be created.

Kunzite in gold

Kunzite set in a yellow gold setting will bring out the yellows in the gems making the colours warmer and more intense. This also occurs when it is set among white Diamond secondary stones. Kunzite set in white gold highlights the base colours and rose gold brings out the reds. This precious jewel combo works for all forms of Kunzite jewels including pendants, bracelets, earrings, and, of course, Kunzite rings.

Some 2019/2020 accessories trends

  • Initials as pendants, earrings and teenager inspired name tag pendants etc.
  • Big designer friendship bracelets.
  • Hairpins and arty accessories of Pearls and other gemstones.
  • Shell pendants for that surfer-girl look.
  • Ascot collar, ribbon of silk, satin or chiffon tied in bows
  • Corset belts emphasise waistline and femininity, as well as belt-cinched jackets.
  • Felt hats, lower brim and high crown in earthy colours.
  • Gloves, gloves, gloves.
  • Brooches on everything from hats to bags to lapels.
  • Massive chains are back with or without gemstones in gold, silver and costume metals. Necklaces as well as body chains. Big statement accessories.
  • Earrings: bejeweled, big and asymmetric, gemstone fringe chandelier earrings are everywhere on the runways.
  • Rings in multiple
  • Pearls: large and minimalistic, a must-have for the season as jewellery and on shoes and bags.
  • Sunglasses in winter? Yes, darling.
  • Fur hats, that are hopefully faux!
  • Socks of wool and angora.
  • The monochromatic trend is interesting with outfits of one bright colour with colour matching accessories. Yes, this includes PINK!

Kunzite Jewel facts and legends

  • It is important to keep your Kunzite jewel out of direct light when storing in order to prevent fading. Both treated and natural Kunzite can fade when exposed light and heat.
  • Kunzite is a valuable yet little known gem, which is perfect for collectors.
  • Most Kunzite is treated to maintain colour and clarity.
  • Kunzite rates 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness
  • Pink jewels are very high in demand along with other pastels.
  • The first lady and fashion icon Jackie O. Kennedy was given an oval faceted Kunzite ring by JFK, in gold with a hallow of twenty white Diamond.
  • Kunzite has perfect cleavage making it difficult to cut. Only master cutters can create fine jewellery-level gems.
  • Kunzite is pleochroic, displaying two colours.
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