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Opal Rings

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91 Items

Opal rings, the right decision

Inspired either by classic Victorian designs or by modern and minimalist geometric lines, the Opal rings offered by Juwelo are of excellent quality and display a great love for detail.

The Opal itself demands a certain level of attention, especially when they display a play of color. Looking at the stone for a prolonged period of time is quite entertaining as it highlights the many different colors within when it changes position with the slightest movement. When set in a ring (or in a bracelet for that matter) you will be able to enjoy playing with the Opal colored specks, which will slide, disappear, or change color with each movement of your hand.

An Opal solitaire or an Opal surrounded by other gems?

Many of the Opal rings in Juwelo´s collections are designed with only a single Opal which, being so attractive, can stand alone. Whether it's a large Opal or a small one in the heart of your ring, it will work wonders on its own as the gem itself is the absolute star.

The designs with surrounding gems are generally more opulent and fulfill the function of "celebrating" the Opal with secondary stones, strategically set to highlight their presence. Whether surrounded by stones such as Diamonds, Sapphires, or colorful gems that complement Opal, these gems highlight the Opal and make it stand out. Which ring design should you choose? Follow your instinct! Your personal criteria are essential when choosing the design because only you know where and when you will wear your Opal ring.

Fire Opal Rings

Fire Opals display strong colors ranging from an intense yellow to cherry red through to a bright orange and are some of the most beloved stones due to their wonderful crystallization. The Fire Opal rings that Juwelo offers count on gems of extraordinary quality. In its collections, Juwelo presents wonderful specimens set in gold and silver, with Mexican Fire Opal with intense cherry reds or delicate Brazilian Fire Opals in orange shades with strong yellow-gold reflections. The variety of designs will allow you to quickly find a ring with Fire Opal to personalize your style.

Rings with dark Opals

Dark opals are very seductive due to their mysterious and intense play of color. Rings with black Opals or chocolate Opals from the Mezezo region of Ethiopia are an indispensable accessory in your jewelry box. Let yourself be seduced by the spell that emanates from a dark Opal ring!

Rings with light Opals

Juwelo also has a large and varied range of light Opals in its ring collections. Australia's famous white Opals, so beloved and coveted, compete with Peru's delicate and fine pink Opals, making an Opal ring the perfect accessory of carefree elegance. Blue Opals, also from Peru, are exquisite alternatives evoking ethnic styles that takes one back to the jewelry in Antiquity and Andean cultures.  The dreamy, swimming pool blue color of the Paríba Opal, makes the ring take on a new dimension. Ethiopian Welo Opal rings give you an intense play of color comparable only to Indonesian Kalimaya Opals.

These gems that are set in your Opal rings are rare, precious and difficult to obtain. Juwelo searches the most exotic locations in the world in order to present you the highest quality specimens in their rings.

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