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Colorchange Diaspore Jewellery

Colorchange Diaspore jewellery feature one of the rarest colour change gems on the planet, although Alexandrite still holds the title of being the most expensive. Colorchange Diaspore is a trademarked brand for the gem-quality mineral Diaspora, harvested exclusively from one mine in Anatolia, Turkey. Rating 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, with amazing colour and clarity, makes Colorchange Diaspore the perfect candidate for fine jewellery in the gemstone jewellery world. The impressive colour change of your Colorchange Diaspore ring will be kiwi green with flecks of yellow in daylight that changes to a gorgeous raspberry hue in incandescent light. Colorchange Diaspore is one of a handful of genuine colour change gemstones, all of which are rare. Well worth the investment if you are a collector and lover of exotic gems. Colorchange Diaspore is the breakout star of the millennium. Recently announced as a new gem species at the industry-revered Tucson show, Colorchange Diaspore is a type II transparent gem with small inclusions, barely visible to the eye. In the gem trade, this is a good sign and can be used when authenticating real Colorchange Diaspore from lab-produced fakes. Inclusions confirm the gem did indeed come from Mother Earth. It is enhancement and treatment free, which is also rare within the colour change gemstone group. Colorchange Diaspore is one of a handful of natural colour-changing gemstones. The others include Alexandrite, Andesine, Fluorite, colour change Garnet and colour change Sapphire. Colorchange Diaspore is a 100% natural, un-enhanced, untreated gemstone, making it all the more valuable.

Colorchange Diaspore Prices

Colorchange Diaspore is extremely rare and quite expensive per carat depending on the clarity, cut, etc. Up to one carat can sell for £165. This is a gemstone reserved for collectors who want to invest in a fine jewel. At Juwelo our brands create Colorchange Diaspore jewels with this in mind, as with all of their work. The quality of the design, setting, and use of secondary stones is of utmost importance. If you are looking for Colorchange Diaspore or Diaspore rings and jewels, make sure to use a trusted jeweller like Juwelo Shop for Colorchange Diaspore jewels at the best price available for the highest quality with Juwelo online and via our TV auctions.

Colorchange Diaspore Jewellery online

Colorchange Diaspore is said to be the gem of the millennium. Discovered in Turkey, the rough stone was first cut in the 1970s. Ethically mined with environmentally-safe techniques, the Colorchange Diaspore mine has had a positive impact on the miners´ lives and the community. It is said to be a new gem because commercial use in the industry only began in 2006. The chemical makeup of Colorchange Diaspore/Diaspore is aluminium oxide hydroxide.  The colours in gem are red, green, yellow and pink. In daylight kiwi green with flecks of yellow appears, changing to a raspberry red in incandescent light.

Colorchange Diaspore in Silver

Diaspora, the mineral makeup of Colorchange Diaspore, is a precious rare gem that can change from green to pink, always set in precious metals of silver and gold. The white of sterling silver is going to play up both the cool and warm hues of this changing gem depending on the light. When set in yellow gold this look shows a warmer effect. Men tend to gravitate more towards gemstone rings with sterling silver and white gold settings.

Colorchange Diaspore men’s rings

Colorchange Diaspore men's rings look wonderful when a larger table cut or Emerald-cut stone is set in a larger band. It's masculine, simple and beautiful. The term “sultan” means strength, authority and wisdom and when you add some intense beauty,you have a perfect man or perfect gemstone ring for a man. The change from green in daylight to pink in incandescent light and a gorgeous multi-flecked colour in mixed light. The base colour of the gem includes yellow, green, red and pink. Set that baby in a well-designed white metal setting and you have a very substantial gent´s ring on your hand.

Colorchange Diaspore in Gold

Colorchange Diaspore's colour change goes from kiwi green with canary flashes in daylight to the colour of champagne indoors to a raspberry hue in incandescent light. Set in yellow or white gold is a matter of taste and creativity, as well as cost. At Juwelo we have several design brands including Molloy and de Melo. Both have used the classic yellow gold and white Diamond in their designs, enhancing Colorchange Diaspore’s stunning colours. Colorchange Diaspore is truly a rarefied gem for collectors, placed securely within the fine jewellery category.  
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