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  1. Antiker Fancy-Schliff 4
  2. Antiker Kissen-Brillantschliff 8
  3. Antique Brilliant Cut 9
  4. Antique Briolette Cut 1
  5. Antique Cabochon 5
  6. Antique Checkerboard Cut 1
  7. Antique Cushion Cabochon 10
  8. Antique Cushion Cut 98
  9. Antique Cushion Fancy Cut 2
  10. Antique Cushion QuasarCut 2
  11. Antique Cut 139
  12. Antique Step Cut 1
  13. Baguette Cut 61
  14. Baguette Treppenschliff 7
  15. Baguette-Cabochon 1
  16. Bead round 1
  17. Carré Asscher Cut 1
  18. Carré Cut 11
  19. Different Cuts 14
  20. Drop-Shaped Brilliant Cut 24
  21. Emerald Cut 1
  22. Fancy Brilliant Cut 4
  23. Fancy Briolette Cut 1
  24. Fancy Cabochon 5
  25. Fancy Cut 81
  26. Fancy Matrix Cut 2
  27. Fancy Oval Cut 5
  28. Fancy Step Cut 3
  29. Fancy Trillion Cut 8
  30. Flame Cut 1
  31. Heart Cut 3
  32. Hexagonal Cut 5
  33. Hexagonal Fancy Cut 2
  34. Kite Fancy Cut 1
  35. Kite Schliff 1
  36. Marquise Brilliant Cut 5
  37. Marquise Cabochon 4
  38. Marquise Cut 40
  39. Marquise Schachbrettschliff 1
  40. Moonface Cut 2
  41. Nova Cut 3
  42. Octagon Asscher cut 22
  43. Octagon Cut 78
  44. Octagon Emerald Cut 112
  45. Octagon Fancy Cut 19
  46. Octagon radiant cut 22
  47. Octagon Step Cut 60
  48. Oval Brilliant Cut 42
  49. Oval Briolette Cut 14
  50. Oval Buff Top Cut 1
  51. Oval Cabochon 116
  52. Oval Cut 618
  53. Oval Diamond Cut 1
  54. Oval Fancy Cabochon 1
  55. Oval Radian Cut 3
  56. Pear Cabochon Cut 32
  57. Pear Cut 224
  58. Pear Shaped Concave Cut 4
  59. Pear Shaped Rose Cut 6
  60. Princess Cut 1
  61. Quadratischer Prinzessschliff 57
  62. QuasarCut 3
  63. Rounch Checkerboard Cut 1
  64. Round Brilliant Cut 1013
  65. Round Cabochon Cut 44
  66. Round Concave Cut 1
  67. Round Cut 629
  68. Round Fancy Cut 9
  69. Round Flower Cut 1
  70. Round Halo Cut 2
  71. Round Rose Cut 5
  72. Round TorusRing 1
  73. Seven Star Cut 1
  74. Square Fancy Cut 1
  75. Square Step Cut 2
  76. Trillant Rose Cut 1
  77. Trilliant Brilliant Cut 1
  78. Trilliant Cabochon 1
  79. Trilliant Cut 39
  80. Tropfenförmiger Fancy-Schliff 2
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Back Setting
  1. Beam mount 6
  2. Bezel Setting 572
  3. Bezel/Pavé 3
  4. Bezel/Prong 2
  5. Channel Setting 189
  6. Channel/Prong 1
  7. Eingerieben 1
  8. glued 2
  9. Glued Bezel 20
  10. Half Bezel 2
  11. Krappen-/Zargenfassung 7
  12. Pavé 148
  13. Pin 1
  14. Pin/Prong 7
  15. Post 84
  16. Prong 2682
  17. Prong/Channel 1
  18. V-Prong 33
  19. V-Prong/Prong 1
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Page 3 of 65" Produkte"

Gold Jewellery

Gold is one of the most beautiful and valuable minerals mother earth has ever revealed. The sunny hues of gold jewellery have intrigued and seduced many throughout the history of adornment. Although pure gold is a faintly red-tinted yellow, various hued gold is readily used in today’s great jewel designs. One of the primary ways to produce various coloured gold is with alloy mixes. These alloys are produced by adding silver and copper to create red, white, green and yellow gold. Women and men love to adorn themselves with this rare and precious metal, gifting each other gold jewels as talisman and adornments. The charismatic beauty of gold jewellery for both women and men is undeniable. At Juwelo you will find a wide selection of well-crafted affordable gold jewels created with Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and hundreds upon hundreds of additional gem varieties! The Juwelo gold jewellery collections include fabulous gold earrings, assorted gold chain necklaces, gold bangle bracelets and gold-link bracelets, all available via our online store and TV auctions. Our beautiful gold jewellery is created by expert designers and affiliated brands, whose reputation for quality gold jewels precede them. Our gold jewellery collections include Cavill, Lance Fischer, M de Luca, Monosono, and Molloy Gems. The designs vary from ornate filigree to streamline and modern, for example Cavill gold jewellery caters to the classically designed gold jewel lovers. Our Juwelo gold necklaces include the classic delicate gold chains with various pendants, which are perfect for necklace layering trend. At Juwelo, we pride ourselves on consistently and adamantly avoiding the use of nickel in our gold and silver jewel designs. When buying a gold jewellery piece, remember that it is an investment as well an accessory. At Juwelo, you will notice gorgeous gold vermeil jewels, which are a very fine gold layered 925 sterling silver pieces. This process explains the many jewels in our store which are listed as 'silver' when they have a gold-hue.

Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose gold is created by adding a percentage of copper to pure gold and silver, creating a pink-hued gold. Rose gold jewellery has become increasingly popular through the fashion seasons because of its flattering flush colour. Rose gold and the rose colour have been trending steadily in accessories, fashion and even tech. Notice the well-orchestrated pairing of gemstone colours with the precious metal settings, when shopping for your rose gold jewellery at Juwelo!

Gold Drop Earrings

Gold drop earrings often are very a sultry design, evoking shapes from the human body and nature. Although sometimes drop earring design utilizes squares and other non-organic shapes.  At Juwelo our gold drop earring designs include classic, organic shapes and earrings made with filigree work, which harken back to Victorian era jewels. Juwelo gold drop earrings have been designed using only precious metals, set in bevel, pronged and pave, settings and with stunning and genuine gemstones of course!

Gold Necklaces

Gold chains and other gold necklaces are very ‘in’ at the moment, on the runway and off. In addition to the campy oversized chain trend, thin gold chains adorned with medallions and pendants are still hot. Silver and gold chains are everywhere worn in, in ascending lengths, in layers of two-three or more. These silver and gold necklaces are being shown with and without gemstone and/or metal pendants. The look takes a cue from the BoHo festival queen and has been seen everywhere from editorial to Instagram postings. A gold necklace with Pearls combines the organic cool beauty of salt or freshwater Pearls with the warm hues of gold, creating a lovely collectable jewel that will last way beyond the current Pearl trends and fads. As well trending like crazy are gold necklaces with shells, often featuring gold dipped and gold leafed shells.

Gold Bangles

Gold bangles are normally a solid or hollow sphere, oval or square form of jewel to be worn on the wrist. Gold bangles can be worn alone, in twos or stacked in groups of three or more, allowing them to jingle and jangle! A gold bangle is a solid or platted cast disc of gold which can be designed with inlay, filigree or with a smooth appearance. At Juwelo you will as well find gemstone Jewelled gold bangles with gorgeous genuine gems set with popular bevel and settings. In contrast to gold bangles are slinky arm clinging gold link bracelets, like the tennis bracelet style.

Gold Rings

Golds rings will never go out of style and are often passed on from generation to generation. The most popular rings for engaged couples are the Diamond Solitaire in a gold setting, with an antique cushion or emerald or brilliant cut. Bezel settings seem to be the second most popular  for gold rings and three stone jewels can offer a mono-tone or  mix of gemstones in your gold ring. The simple gold band has long been a traditional wedding band for both sexes, for more often with the accompanying gemstone ring for the bride. Yellow gold rings were the most popular in the 1900s. The preference is  still holding strong, although white and pink golds are gaining momentum in the race.

Ladies Gold Rings

On the runway, this season we saw a wide array of ladies’ gold rings.  The looks ranged from bulbous oversized cocktail rings to delicate vintage styles, gorgeous oversized gold statement rings with large gemstones in huge pronged settings. Accessories this season again include big, bold, and dramatic. Ladies gold rings were seen adorning models’ hands all over during fashion month as exquisite over the top single one-offs or royalty and rock star style in groups of rings being worn on three to four and five  fingers, mixing vintage and contemporary pieces.  

Gold jewellery with shells

Gold jewellery with a shell is such a beautiful participant in the shell jewel trend.  Yellow gold gives a delightful sparkle to the organic bounty from the sea. Shell pendants on gold chain necklaces and bracelets are a feminine and beautiful tribute to our precious oceans and seas.

Gold jewellery with Pearls

Gold jewellery with pearls was practically on every single designer's runway shows and in many collections. Gold pearl jewels ranged from fan shaped gold wired earrings with pearl tipped spokes, to choker length and supper long strand of pearls necklaces with substantial gold closings. You can find real gold jewellery with Pearls at Juwelo online stores and TV auctions.  
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