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Back Gemstone
  1. A
  2. Agate 289
  3. Alexandrite 122
  4. Amazonite 71
  5. Amber 305
  6. Amethyst 1520
  7. Ametrine 21
  8. Ammolite 40
  9. Andalusite 17
  10. Andesine 10
  11. Angelite 3
  12. Apatite 333
  13. Aquamarine 274
  14. Aragonite 19
  15. Astrophyllite 2
  16. Aventurine 18
  17. Azurite 13
  18. B
  19. Bamboo 3
  20. Benitoite 7
  21. Beryl 256
  22. Bog oak 38
  23. C
  24. Calcite 31
  25. Carnelian 29
  26. Chalcedony 205
  27. Chalcopyrite 3
  28. Charoite 16
  29. Chrysoberyl 18
  30. Chrysocolla 43
  31. Chrysoprase 115
  32. Cinnabarite 1
  33. Citrine 357
  34. Copper minerals 1
  35. Coral 1
  36. Cuprite 3
  37. D
  38. Danburite 69
  39. Demantoid 51
  40. Diamond 2579
  41. Diaspore 85
  42. Diopside 311
  43. Dolomit 8
  44. Dumortierite 5
  45. E
  46. Emerald 711
  47. Euclase 6
  48. F
  49. Feldspar 142
  50. Flintstone 9
  51. Fluorite 269
  52. Fossil 141
  53. Fuchsit 23
  54. G
  55. Garnet 1005
  56. Gemstone 55
  57. Goshenite 14
  58. Grandidierite 124
  59. H
  60. Hematite 56
  61. Howlite 20
  62. Hypersthen 5
  63. I
  64. Igneous Rock 1
  65. Iolite 106
  66. J
  67. Jade 45
  68. Jasper 86
  69. K
  70. Kunzite 286
  71. Kyanite 216
  72. L
  73. Labradorite 229
  74. Lapis Lazuli 57
  75. Larimar 91
  76. Lava 8
  77. Lepidolite 16
  78. M
  79. Magnesite 38
  80. Malachite 76
  81. Mammut Elfenbein 1
  82. Marble 10
  83. Marcasite 47
  84. Moldavite 20
  85. Moonstone 312
  86. Morganite 138
  87. Mother of Pearl 268
  88. Muscovite 1
  89. Münze 1
  90. O
  91. Obsidian 110
  92. Onyx 156
  93. Opal 1516
  94. Orthoclase 65
  95. P
  96. Pearl 714
  97. Peridot 368
  98. Petalite 35
  99. Pezzotaite 4
  100. Phosphosiderite 10
  101. Pietersite 58
  102. Prase 2
  103. Prehnite 52
  104. Psilomelane 2
  105. Pyrite 3
  106. Q
  107. Quartz 1208
  108. Quartzite 1
  109. R
  110. Rhodochrosite 32
  111. Rhodolite 208
  112. Rhodonite 36
  113. Rhyolite 3
  114. Ruby 704
  115. S
  116. Saffordite 3
  117. Sapphire 959
  118. Scapolite 51
  119. Selenite 11
  120. Seraphinite 6
  121. Serpentine 5
  122. Shell 128
  123. Shiva Eye 8
  124. Shungite 3
  125. Sillimanite 4
  126. Sodalite 24
  127. Sphalerite 66
  128. Sphene 173
  129. Spinel 341
  130. Sunstone 76
  131. T
  132. Tanzanite 1081
  133. Tektite 2
  134. Tigers Eye 74
  135. Topaz 1689
  136. Tourmaline 862
  137. Turquoise 492
  138. U
  139. Unakit 3
  140. V
  141. Variscite 2
  142. Vesuvianite 59
  143. Väyrynenite 2
  144. Z
  145. Zarinite 15
  146. Zeolite 1
  147. Zircon 2315
  148. Zoisit 15
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Back Cut detailed
  1. Antiker Fancy-Schliff 9
  2. Antiker Kissen-Brillantschliff 41
  3. Antique Brilliant Cut 48
  4. Antique Briolette Cut 2
  5. Antique Buff Top Cut 6
  6. Antique Cabochon 145
  7. Antique Checkerboard Cut 23
  8. Antique Cushion Asscher Cut 1
  9. Antique Cushion Brilliant Cut 3
  10. Antique Cushion Briolette Cut 3
  11. Antique Cushion Cabochon 189
  12. Antique Cushion Checkerboard Cut 39
  13. Antique Cushion Concave Cut 2
  14. Antique Cushion Cut 663
  15. Antique Cushion Fancy Cut 6
  16. Antique Cushion QuasarCut 2
  17. Antique Cushion Rose Cut 3
  18. Antique Cut 482
  19. Antique Radian Cut 2
  20. Antique Step Cut 3
  21. Baguette Bridge Cut 3
  22. Baguette Briolette Cut 1
  23. Baguette Cut 217
  24. Baguette Emerald Cut 1
  25. Baguette Fancy Cut 5
  26. Baguette Princess Cut 4
  27. Baguette Treppenschliff 80
  28. Baguette-Cabochon 73
  29. Baguette-Schachbrettschliff 3
  30. Bead Antique, faceted 2
  31. Bead Fancy 233
  32. Bead Fancy, faceted 166
  33. Bead oval 16
  34. Bead oval, faceted 2
  35. Bead Pear Shape, faceted 5
  36. Bead round 185
  37. Bead round, faceted 161
  38. Bead square 3
  39. Briolette Cabochon 13
  40. Briolette Cut 4
  41. Carré Asscher Cut 1
  42. Carré Cabochon 35
  43. Carré Cut 230
  44. Concave Octagon Cut 2
  45. Concave Oval Cut 30
  46. Concave Trilliant Cut 1
  47. Cushion Cut 2
  48. Different Cuts 39
  49. Drop-Shaped Brilliant Cut 69
  50. Drop-Shaped Briolette Cut 9
  51. Embossing 1
  52. Emerald Cut 3
  53. Fancy Briolette Cut 1
  54. Fancy Cabochon 174
  55. Fancy Checkerboard Cut 5
  56. Fancy Cut 991
  57. Fancy Marquise Cut 4
  58. Fancy Matrix Cut 1
  59. Fancy Oval Cut 35
  60. Fancy Rose Cut 7
  61. Fancy Step Cut 2
  62. Fancy Trilliant Cabochon 1
  63. Fancy Trillion Cut 13
  64. Flame Cut 1
  65. Heart Cut 67
  66. Heart Shape Bead 10
  67. Heart Shape Brilliant Cut 2
  68. Heart Shape Cabochon 32
  69. Heart Shape Fancy Cut 1
  70. Hexagon Snowflake Cut 1
  71. Hexagon Step Cut 5
  72. Hexagonal Checkerboard Cut 1
  73. Hexagonal Cut 18
  74. Hexagonal Fancy Cut 10
  75. Hexagonal Star Cut 3
  76. Kite Brillant Cut 1
  77. Kite Schliff 8
  78. Konkaver Marquiseschliff 1
  79. Marquise Brilliant Cut 19
  80. Marquise Cabochon 135
  81. Marquise Cut 439
  82. Marquise Schachbrettschliff 2
  83. Marquise Step Cut 5
  84. Moonface Cut 2
  85. Nova Cut 13
  86. Octagon Asscher cut 134
  87. Octagon Cabochon 15
  88. Octagon Checkerboard Cut 1
  89. Octagon Cut 552
  90. Octagon Emerald Cut 101
  91. Octagon Fancy Cut 37
  92. Octagon Mirror Cut 2
  93. Octagon Princess Cut 2
  94. Octagon radiant cut 83
  95. Octagon Rose Cut 1
  96. Octagon Star Cut 2
  97. Octagon Step Cut 322
  98. Oktagon Brillantschliff 3
  99. Oval Brilliant Cut 273
  100. Oval Briolette Cut 21
  101. Oval Buff Top Cut 4
  102. Oval Cabochon 1652
  103. Oval Checkerboard Cut 66
  104. Oval Cut 4122
  105. Oval Diamond Cut 1
  106. Oval Fancy Cabochon 1
  107. Oval Millenium 4
  108. Oval Radian Cut 3
  109. Oval Rose Cut 5
  110. Pear Cabochon Cut 451
  111. Pear Cut 1417
  112. Pear Shaped Checkerboard Cut 13
  113. Pear Shaped Concave Cut 2
  114. Pear Shaped Rose Cut 4
  115. Pentagon Fancy Cut 1
  116. Princess Cut 1
  117. Quadratischer Prinzessschliff 235
  118. Quadratischer Schachbrettschliff 2
  119. QuasarCut 3
  120. Rounch Checkerboard Cut 34
  121. Round Brilliant Cut 2434
  122. Round Briolette Cut 5
  123. Round Buff-top Cut 4
  124. Round Cabochon Cut 918
  125. Round Concave Cut 10
  126. Round Cut 6879
  127. Round Fancy Cut 27
  128. Round Halo Cut 2
  129. Round Pentagon Cut 2
  130. Round Rose Cut 11
  131. Round Star Cut 2
  132. Round Sun Cut 1
  133. Round TorusRing 1
  134. Round Virve Cut 1
  135. Seven Star Cut 1
  136. Square Buff-top Cut 1
  137. Square Fancy Cut 4
  138. Square Step Cut 38
  139. Sugarloaf cut 5
  140. Trillant Briolette Cut 1
  141. Trillant Rose Cut 2
  142. Trilliant Brilliant Cut 20
  143. Trilliant Cabochon 104
  144. Trilliant Cut 352
  145. Tropfenförmiger Fancy-Schliff 11
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Back Setting
  1. Back Setting 17
  2. Beam mount 21
  3. Bezel Setting 6244
  4. Bezel/Pavé 4
  5. Bezel/Prong 9
  6. Bezel/V-Prong 1
  7. Channel Setting 713
  8. Channel/Prong 3
  9. Drilled 7
  10. Eingerieben 9
  11. glued 35
  12. Glued Bezel 911
  13. Half Bezel 8
  14. Half Bezel 2
  15. Illusion Setting 10
  16. Inlay 23
  17. Invisible 4
  18. Krappen-/V-Krappenfassung 1
  19. Krappen-/Zargenfassung 2
  20. mixed 6
  21. Pavé 1052
  22. Pin 5
  23. Pin/Channel 3
  24. Pin/Channel 4
  25. Pin/Pavé 3
  26. Pin/Prong 16
  27. Post 575
  28. Prong 14094
  29. String 1
  30. Threaded 41
  31. V-Prong 153
  32. V-Prong/Prong 15
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Page 3 of 448" Produkte"


What would an outfit be without the accompanying jewellery? Fashion today is so versatile and everyone can simply choose the style that suits them best. Every day there are new trends to discover and they are expressed through accessories as well as clothes. There are so many different styles and fashion trends - at Juwelo, everyone is guaranteed to find the right piece of gemstone jewellery as their new favourite accessory. The beauty of fashion is that you don't have to commit yourself to one particular style, you can simply reinvent yourself every day. Jewellery helps us to be flexible and have fun with our looks. A large statement piece of jewellery quickly turns an elegant day look into a sophisticated evening look. In the Juwelo online shop, you will find everything a jewellery lover desires: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets with gemstones set in genuine gold and silver.


The ultimate jewellery box is stocked with a wide variety of styles so that a suitable jewel is always ready for each and every occasion: whether it´s for family celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas or for everyday life, such as for work or meeting with friends. It is simply great to be able to choose from a wide selection of your own jewellery.

There is also another approach, namely to try to continuously develop your own style over time, so you may always combine your jewellery expertly. Of course, one or two highlights in the jewellery box for special occasions should not be missing. Whether a bracelet, ring, earrings, brooch or necklace: Beautiful pieces of jewellery want to be worn together. They can be combined again and again to create new looks. Of course, you can also express your individuality with special pieces of jewellery that not everyone has, such as an anklet or a toe ring.


The slightly modified title of Gottfried Keller's 1874 novel is as relevant today as it was then. Because it's just the way it is, it´s all about the first impression. At the first meeting - whether in business or private - everyone, whether consciously or unconsciously, gets a picture of his or her counterpart. Is someone fashion-forward, conscious, wearing the latest trends, or are they more classically styled? Urban or traditional? Jewellery underlines one´s personal style and it is up to each person to decide how they want to be perceived. If one is elegant, urban, minimalist or extravagant there is, fortunately, a suitable accessory for every type! In the Juwelo web shop, you will find it, no matter what style you are looking for.


Sometimes you just have to dare to try something new. Often you think that a certain style doesn't suit you at all and then you're surprised by the effect when you venture off the beaten track. These can be delicate filigree jewellery made of gold, platinum, stainless steel or silver, or more opulent jewellery with real gemstones and pearls. No matter what you choose, a beautiful piece of jewellery simply belongs to every outfit. Convince yourself of the real variety in the Juwelo-Online shop.


Juwelo offers a wide range of gold and silver gemstone jewellery, with over 500 different varieties of precious stones available. Not only the "Big 4" or the "Big Four" (Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald) - but also gemstones and Pearls in various colours and sizes are available in the online shop of Juwelo. The precious stones are set in 925 sterling silver, various gold alloys such as white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, as well as platinum, stainless steel and other precious metals. Every variation can be found in our online shop. Whether it´s Topaz, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Opal, Aquamarine or any of the 500 other varieties - gemstones ennoble every piece of jewellery. Find your favourite at Juwelo, all at reasonable prices.

Whether for the lady or for the gentleman, the range of jewellery pieces at Juwelo is vast and suitable for every budget. Whether in the low, medium or higher priced segments, Juwelo has something for everyone. In the Sale category, you will always find special offers. Don't hesitate too long with these individual items though, otherwise someone else will take advantage of the bargain!



There are timelessly beautiful pieces of jewellery. Real classics that never go out of fashion and simply let us look good on every occasion. Classic pieces of jewellery survive time and are for eternity. We bequeath them to our children or pass them on to our loved ones with symbolic power of being a very special gift. When the quality is right, the look of the classics can be understated and remain elegantly subtle in the background. This look gives you a clean, well-dressed feeling. Yellow gold jewellery is, of course, a true classic. Gold alloys of 750, 585, 375 and 333 yellow gold are particularly in demand here. But white gold or silver are also very popular. Bi-colour and tri-colour are also coveted precious metal alloys. Engagement and wedding rings are classically made of yellow, pink or white gold.

Classics are often given on special occasions: including christening gifts, the classic holy cross design for confirmation, or meaningful letters and other symbols, such as the heart which is of course the symbol of love. If these classics are set with precious stones, the pieces of jewellery are even more eye-catching and are simply more lasting and valuable. Solitaires are often used in classic design. Juwelo not only offers timeless classic jewellery, but we keep up with trends with our various jewellery pieces and collections that reflect the current fashion season as well. All can be found on our TV auctions and in our online shop. Browse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the latest jewellery trends at Juwelo. Scroll through our Juwelo selection, where you can see the whole colourful world of jewellery and precious stones at a glance.


Geometric designs are very much in vogue. Contemporary, linear and urban. One brand at Juwelo stands for this in particular: Monosono. Look in the Juwelo shop for the urban, casual designs of the Monosono Collection. The charm style jewellery and elements are designed in geometric shapes, including circles, squares and triangles. All of these collectable shapes are available separately so you can easily put together your individual set according to your wishes. There are no limits to your imagination because everything can be easily combined to create new jewellery sets quickly and easily, time and time again. Thanks to these countless possible combinations, the geometric designs & Monosono collection are as individual as you are.

The Juwelo tip: First choose an omega ring in the desired length for the pendants that best underline your personality. From pendants and earrings to matching ring collections - the Monosono Collection can be combined as often as you like and extended again and again. You will always receive new jewellery sets according to your personal taste and style.

The Monosono collection fulfils the desire for modern designer jewellery at affordable prices. The Monosono Collection stands for expressive jewellery: full of character and combines the fascinating world of gemstones with innovative jewellery design. Shapes, cuts and gemstones can be combined as desired. From the classic, solitary look for everyday life to the big statement look for the evening, everything is possible.


Another very likely long-lasting trend that has made the last few seasons more colourful, is statement jewellery. Statement jewellery includes large necklaces, conspicuously large earrings, and the inescapable and exuberant cocktail ring. The main point here is that pieces are big, bold, and eye-catching. Opulence is in! It looks like a lot of metal, large and/or many precious stones, extra-long statement earrings, wrapped and layered necklaces, etc. Big earrings are not a new invention, they were popular in the 70s and 80s and, of course, played an important role in ancient tribal styles. But today the style still feels like a fresh one. With statement accessories, everything that pleases is permitted in terms of materials, including feathers, tassels, large precious stones, Pearls in all variations. The main point is that it is dramatic.

Wearing two earrings of different sizes or simply wearing one single earring is absolutely in vogue and part of the statement look. Asymmetry can be found in all types of clothing as well. Necklines so wide that one shoulder is exposed or blouses and dresses with only one sleeve are currently hot items, all accessorise wonderfully with the right jewellery.

Are you looking for opulent statement jewellery? Then you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at "Adela Gold". Annette Freising, who has been working in the gemstone industry for many years, presents her elaborately designed jewellery with a high recognition for value. Her goal is the perfect symbiosis of design and gemstone expertise. Adela Gold is not delicate everyday jewellery, but magnificent, thoughtful designs with expressiveness. A small team of goldsmiths dedicates itself exclusively to Annette's designs and transforms them into high-quality jewellery. The wearing comfort of each piece is Adela Gold's top priority. Don't miss the next Adela Gold show on our live TV auction and featured in our online shop.


‘Ethnic Style’ which includes cool to warm earth tones, gold and silver elements as well as a variety of patterns, can also be found in many jewellery collections. Influences from various countries and cultures combine to form popular ethnic style pieces and collections, which have had a large following since the 1970s. A large selection of matching earrings and necklaces can be found in the Juwelo online shop.


You can also easily make your own individually designed statement earrings, with our do-it-yourself Monosono collection and more daring options. DIY is totally hip in all areas of fashion. One of the easiest ways is to buy beautiful earrings that have a good and secure closure (Brisure closure or plug with wing screw) and then decorate them to your personal taste. Just give it a try! Best not to use materials that are too heavy materials so that the earrings remain wearable.



Almost every earring lover has ear piercings enabling them to wear a variety of earrings. Whether ear ‘studs’ or ear ‘buttons’, ear ‘plugs’, earrings, with or without brisure, hoops or ear ‘jackets’ - earrings give each face something special. But even if you do not have pierced ears, you can decorate your ears with clip-ons. Just when you go to larger festive occasions such as a ball, a gala dinner or the opera, sparkling earrings should not be missing. But also, in everyday life, in the office or on a stroll through the city, earrings are always an eye-catcher that completes an outfit. Big statement earrings or simple stud earrings? Opulent or simple? Wear several pieces of jewellery at the same time or just one? These are of course questions of personal taste and style.

‘CREOLE’ Earrings

Theses moon shaped hoops are a very popular form of earring. Creole earrings are the classic hoop with tapered tips and a heavier middle. They are can be small form, so that the earlobe is enclosed, but also come in very large diameter hoops which include arty pieces that actually rest on and brush the shoulders with fringe. In between, everything is possible in terms of designs and sizes. Often, hoops are studded with many coloured gemstones. Hoops can also be combined with other earplugs or hangers. It is also a trend to thread a small pendant into the hoop earring. Take a look at our online shop for earrings and be inspired by the variety.


The boundaries between earrings are in flow. In general, ear-plugs are usually small button-shaped pieces of jewellery, which are provided with a prong inserted through the ear hole and securely closed behind it with a thumbscrew or wing clamp. For double back-up, Juwelo sends small rubber stoppers, which can be plugged behind the clamp of gold or silver with earring orders as ‘back-up’. But also dangle earrings can be attached to the ear with a prong or a clamp. Other variations for hanging earrings are ear hooks and earrings with a brisure closure. While ear hooks are simply hooked into the pierced ear hole, latch devices have a folding mechanism that holds the earring securely to the ear. But no matter what kind of earrings you choose, earrings are a perfect enhancement to your look! Simple and elegant or eye-catching and colourful: Take a stroll through the "shop window" at Juwelo, and you will be amazed by the real variety!


Especially stylish and versatile close to the ear look of ear jackets and ear cuffs. For the most part, ear jackets consist of a stud, onto which another element is attached behind the ear so that the earlobe is included and creates a very extravagant look. This effect is particularly noticeable with Pearls, Diamonds or other coloured gemstones. Ear cuffs cling to the ear and can also cover larger parts of the ear. Asian influenced sophisticated designs with great effect: Fashionistas will find what they are looking for in the Juwelo webshop!


For millennia, people have adorned their fingers with rings. They are an ornament, but can also have strong symbolic power and different meanings. Engagement rings, wedding rings, partner rings, family rings or friendship rings, school rings, fraternity or club membership rings. Then there are Bishop rings, papal rings, the signet rings of nobility used for grand celebrations and the demonstration of power. Today, rings are primarily signs of love, belonging, contentedness, and a promise of loyalty. Often one already recognises, by the nature of the ring, whether it has a deeper meaning or whether it fulfils purely decorative purposes - whereby, of course, both are not mutually exclusive. In addition to special occasions, fashion also plays a major role in wearing of jewellery and rings in particular. In everyday life, a ring is chosen with a complementing colour to enhance an outfit or a special look. Fortunately, the Juwelo selection is huge and you can reinvent yourself every day with the right jewellery.

You are a creator and can collaborate in your jewellery designs. Design your own jewellery collection, where you put together different jewellery elements according to your own imagination.

Your online jeweller Juwelo presents a variety of different ring designs. Whether eternity design, memory design, bands, solitaire, trilogy or trinity designs, wide rings, narrow rings, or cluster designs. We have ten fingers, why not carry at least one on each finger?! The possibilities are endless.

Women's rings and men's rings are available at Juwelo in every price range. Ladies´ jewellery and men's jewellery, from the lowest priced accessory to the exclusive single bespoke piece with extremely rare gemstones of the highest quality, are available at the online jeweller Juwelo. The various elements of a ring can be designed quite uniquely. Purely visually, it makes a big difference whether the ring band is wide or narrow. The ring head can be occupied by a solitaire or many small gems in a cluster design. The ring shoulders can also be optionally filled with stones, even up to the ring legs. Via the gallery you can view the jewel´s height, pictured from the side.

Whether the classic brilliant gold ring, a sparkling Ruby ​​ring or a green Amethyst silver ring, if you are looking for ladies' rings and men's rings, you are in the right place at Juwelo.


In addition to rings, necklaces are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery for women and men. Almost everyone owns at least one. Necklaces in gold and silver make the décolleté sparkle. The layer look or layering look, in which several necklaces are worn together, is currently very much in vogue. At the moment this modern look is present in many a fashion blog. As well, large gemstone and chain necklaces are as much in fashion as statement necklaces. Whether an opulent necklace, choker or delicate necklace, at Juwelo in the online shop or live on TV, you can calmly discover your own personal style. Necklaces are also very suitable as a gift or souvenir. For rings, the ring size of the person to be gifted should be known, earrings must have pierced ears, but necklaces or a small pendant will always fit! Gifting jewellery is universal. Men for women and women for men. And that’s just for starters!


In Juwelo online shop you will find a trendy range of necklaces. Whether opulent statement necklaces or delicate link chains. Whether with or without gemstone or Pearls, in gold, silver or platinum, necklaces are available in every imaginable variation. Among the most popular are snake chains in yellow gold or silver, Diamond-coated anchor chains, snake chains, box chains, ‘Cuban’ a.k.a. curb chains, Veena chains and cable chains. Leather chains are also very popular. If you like it extra, you can also wear variable Y-chains, with which you can create a layering look using varying lengths. The choker, also known as bolster or collar, is always worn snug around the neck.

A necklace can be closed with either a spring-ring clasp or with a lobster clasp. Magnetic locks can be used as well, hung in the eyelets and normal closures, making opening and closing very easy. Whether a necklace has a pendant or the necklace is without a pendant, a necklace is a must-have! Browse our online store for necklaces in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, 925 sterling silver, available as well in yellow gold plated (sterling) and rose gold plated (sterling). Juwelo offers such jewellery for every taste.


Precious metal chains featuring pendants, charms or gliders are also an important part of a necklace look. With Juwelo our pendants for precious metal chains, come in a large selection of motifs including animal motifs such as cats, dogs, birds, butterflies or sloths, as well as other traditional motifs such as crosses, hearts, flowers or wings. The symbol hanging from a chain as the centerpiece can be fun or powerful. Icons, signs, symbols, geometric shapes and also mystical designs of other cultures such as the protective hand of the Fatima (Hamsa), the Dharma wheel (the "Wheel of Teaching"), the Daoist Yin-Yang symbol or the "tree of life" are popular. These mysterious and elaborately crafted ornaments look feminine and romantic. Juwelo has constantly new designs. Take a look for yourself!


The wrist must not remain naked! Bracelets are equally popular with men and women. Whether a heavy armoured chain bracelet or a leather bracelet for him, or a delicate gemstone-studded bracelet for her, in the Juwelo online shop you have a wide selection available. Bold bangles, bracelets, tennis bracelets, bead chains or charm bracelets of sterling silver, white, yellow and rose gold are waiting for you as well! Pearl bracelets with freshwater cultured pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls or Akoya pearls are also very trendy. Many of the bead chains, which consist of spherical, partly-faceted, partly-polished gemstones, can also be worn as a multi-row bracelet, for the Big Look. Or wear several bead bracelets together for an urban BoHo style.


For the last few years, brooches have made a comeback. Brooches are real eye-catchers that make every outfit special. It does not matter if they are worn on elegantly-classic blazers or on blouses or shirts, or a bag.

In the past, brooches had the real benefit of keeping capes, coats, and scarves closed, but with the invention of the button in the thirteenth century, they became a purely decorative element. Of course, you can still fix a jacket or a scarf with a brooch, but there are no limits to creativity. The trend is vintage brooches with animal motifs, snakes, dragonflies or other insects, as well as punk statement pins.


Finely-curated jewellery is always an eye-catcher. Coordinated pieces of jewellery such as a necklace and earrings should always fit together well for a coherent overall picture. Gemstone jewellery lives from the uniqueness of the beautiful colours and shapes of the stones. Small colour deviations are quite natural because they are real treasures from nature. Also, differently coloured gems can be perfectly worn together, only the jewellery style and/or the precious metal should not drift too far apart. Some rings are also offered in sets at Juwelo and can be collected for the Big Look. Even passionate collectors get their money's worth on jewellery. Hardly anyone can escape the fascination of sparkling jewels. If you are looking for specific gemstones, you will be thrilled by Juwelo, the expert in real gemstone jewellery. Just take a look at the jewellery online shop Juwelo, where you can safely and conveniently order jewellery online from the sofa at home or on the go.



Snap hooks or carabiners are used in many areas of daily life, including sports. For climbing, sailing and mountaineering, rescue service, and in construction they are indispensable. In a much smaller version, the Karabiner clasp is also a very popular clasp for necklaces and bracelets. Here a small arm is moved with the help of spring to pick up an eyelet located at the other end of the chain. The small arm quickly returns to its starting position, which securely closes the piece of jewellery.


Together with the lobster clasp, the spring ring clasp is the most frequently used clasp for necklaces and bracelets. The eyelet attached to the other end of the chain can be securely enclosed by a small slide, which can be pushed back inside a small ring under tension by means of a spring. Spring ring fasteners have the advantage of being very secure, are small and inconspicuous. The size is also a disadvantage, as handling can be a bit difficult for those with ‘butter fingers’ or challenged eyesight.


In this type of basic clasp, there is a hook at one end of the chain or bracelet, which can be differently shaped, and an eyelet at the other end, into which the hook is inserted. Relatively easy to handle, but not the safest fastener, as the hook can unintentionally come loose.


The box lock is used especially for bracelets and consists of two matching parts, a small box and a slider, which is slightly under tension. If it snaps into place, the piece of jewellery is closed. Since gold and silver can bend during use and the tension can decrease, it is advisable to manually increase the tension again. For further security, a so-called security guard is partly attached.

Box locks can be encased with precious stones or other decorative elements so that a pattern or design can be maintained over the entire piece of jewellery without a lock breaking through it.


Wristbands are sometimes provided with a security guard for special security. Here, in addition to a box lock, a gold or silver wire in the form of an eight is clipped around a small head, snapping in.


Necklaces and bracelets can easily be closed with a magnetic clasp. Depending on the strength of the magnets, this clasp is very secure. At both ends of the chain, there are magnets, which can be found when approaching. The closure is easy and has comfortable handling.


In this type of clasp, a ball surrounds the ends of the bracelet or necklace and can be pulled tight and adjusted in width.


Here on one side of the piece of jewellery, there is an S-shaped hook made of precious metal, on the opposite side there is an eyelet or opening for hooking in. The S-hook can be designed decoratively and is therefore also a decorative element. The S-hook closure is not one of the safest types of closure, as it may unhook under certain circumstances and the piece of jewellery may get lost.


The toggle lock can be extremely decorative, not infrequently it is even the focal point of the piece of jewellery. With this type of lock, a (precious) metal rod (the gag) is passed through a ring that is ideally just big enough for the gag to fit through well, but not too big for it to open on its own. This clasp is mainly used for bracelets, but also for necklaces. A toggle closure can be simple and unobtrusive, as well as opulent.


A bracelet can also be closed with leather or textile straps. Either with a leather loop which is closed similar to a toggle fastener or with 2 knots which can be opened and closed.


The ladder lock has a small "ladder" at one end, which can consist of one or more steps. The other end of the bracelet is hooked and clipped around this. So the width of the bracelet is adjustable. The ladder clasp is a very secure clasp.


Large statement earrings or simple ear studs? Opulent or simple? Wear several pieces of jewellery at the same time or just one? These are questions of personal taste and style. You can easily find out which jewellery style best suits your type and style. The overall impression is important and it can easily be optimised by choosing the right jewellery.



Geometric shapes, straight-line designs without many frills fit well into the overall concept. Pearls, diamonds and classic gemstones such as Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby also look noble and timelessly elegant. For festive occasions, a striking cocktail ring can also have a great effect. Whether yellow, white or rose gold or silver is left entirely to the type and personal taste.


If you are fashionably rather sporty, your jewellery should also be able to keep up with you. Small stud earrings or earrings that protrude only slightly beyond the earlobe, as well as short necklaces with gliders, charms or smaller pendants, will fit more easily. For the hand, it is best to choose rather narrow rings, or rings with many small stones rather than a thick band with a large solitaire. The result is a sporty, elegant look.


If you have a very romantic disposition, motif jewellery probably suits you very well. Whether floral designs with flowers and leaves or a pendant in the shape of your favourite animal - the selection is huge. Here it may also be a bit more opulent, but also small filigree pieces are possible. Collective bracelets or necklaces are also a nice way to capture memories. For a special moment, you can create a very personal collection. Also, pendants with initials or short messages fit the type.


If you like fashion rather un-agitated, not so colourful and with less glitter, you are perhaps more of the minimalist or purist jewellery collector. Simple but elegant is the motto here. Clear lines and or less amounts of metals.


So, have already found your own style and the latest trends leave you indifferent? You might like to wear something special: an opulent cocktail ring or a statement chain. A great tip for you: Individualised pieces of jewellery! They are always a good opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Create very personal pieces of jewellery that not everyone has. For example, choose your favourite gold alloy or gold-plated silver with your favourite gemstone. At Juwelo you can have certain pieces of jewellery made as CREATION according to your wishes. Juwelo customer service will be happy to advise you.


If you don't wear jewellery at all, you may not have found your personal style or a piece of jewellery that really suits you. And you certainly wear your wedding jewellery every day. Maybe you should carefully approach the wearing of jewellery by trying out different pieces. Because you will see that even a small piece of jewellery can create a different self-confidence and feeling. Choose a piece that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. This can be a ring that you wear on your hand from time to time or a simple necklace. Just give it a try and see if you are perceived differently by your counterpart.

Ear jewellery, necklaces, arm jewellery and rings sold individually and as jewellery sets are available in a wide range of countless designs and variations. The Juwelo online shop is just as diverse, a brilliant offer awaits you. Take a look at our large treasure chest full of jewellery and precious stones and find your new favourite accessory.



For Valentine's Day, jewellery, chocolates and flowers are especially gifted. Real jewellery is very popular. Fortunately Juwelo offers real gemstone jewellery at reasonable prices. For every purse and budget, you can buy high-quality bejeweled jewellery online. But remember, for Valentine's Day it does not necessarily have to be a piece of jewellery with a heart motif.


For birthdays and Christmas the popular tradition is to give celebratory gifts, including jewellery. Birthstones are especially popular here. Approaches to choosing particular gems include the classic birthstone; every month is assigned one or more gems, gemstones in astrology: here a gemstone is assigned to a particular star sign, gems in Chinese astrology: as well twelve zodiac signs which alternate at the turn of the year.


Also, for anniversaries people enjoy giving gifts of jewellery to celebrate and memorialise. Thus, each jubilee year is assigned a specific material - many gems, but this ancient tradition also includes leather, wood, ivory, silk or even garlic!

As well for graduation celebrations jewellery is often gifted. The famous ‘USA Class ring’ comes to mind. Shamrock accessories have been given for centuries to bring luck.

Jewellery is always a great way to say "thank you" or to please to a loved one in a particularly special way. Flowers or chocolates are also wonderful, but unfortunately do not last as long as real jewellery. Unique pieces of jewellery for unforgettable moments can be found on Juwelo and live on TV.


Traditionally, engagement and wedding rings are made of gold. But silver wedding rings are also becoming popular. The groom's ring usually has no gem, while the bridal ring often adorns one or more brilliant cut Diamonds. The classic engagement ring is a sparkling solitaire ring with a Diamond, which can differ in weight depending on one´s budget. However, the trend is very much in the direction of individuality. Coloured gemstones, especially coloured diamonds, are increasingly in demand. Juwelo, the specialist for jewellery and coloured gemstones, constantly has a variety of designs in the program. See for yourself. Wedding jewellery is in any case available in all variations at Juwelo!



Real gold jewellery is virtually the epitome of a piece of jewellery! The warm, shiny precious metal has been regarded as the most valuable of all precious metals for millennia and is in great demand all over the world. The fascination was so great that gold and gems were for a long time reserved for certain estates like kings, clergy, pope and priests. Today, gold is bought in equal measure as an investment. Owning bullion is already a status symbol, but gold is definitely more effective when crafted into pretty jewellery!

Gold jewellery pieces are offered at Juwelo in a variety of alloys. Since pure gold is too soft to make lasting jewellery, it is alloyed with other metals. This increases the resistance. The international measure of the purity of gold is "karat", abbreviated "K". The gold content is given as the ratio of a total of 24 parts, 24K stands for pure gold. In Europe the indication in thousandths is common:

  • 916er: 91.6% pure gold (= 22K: 22 parts gold and 2 parts alloy)
  • 750er: 75% pure gold (= 18K: 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy)
  • 585er: 58.5% pure gold (= 14K: 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy)
  • 417er: 41.7% pure gold (= 10K: 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy)
  • 375er: 37.5% pure gold (= 9K: 9 parts gold and 15 parts alloy)
  • 333er: 33.3% pure gold (= 8K: 8 parts gold and 16 parts alloy)

The preferences for certain alloys also differ from country to country. So, in Germany, 333/37.5%/8K is the gold standard, as well as the slightly higher 375/37.5%/9K gold. 585/58.5%/14K and 750/75%/18K gold are also common. In France, in addition to 750/75%, pure gold/18K, 840/84% and 920/92% gold are used. In Switzerland the gold content is mainly 750/75%/18K gold. In America, 585/58.5%/14K gold is used. In the Arabian world, 21K is valued. In India very pure gold is highly valued: 917/91.7%, in Thailand, it´s 965/96.5%, or so-called Thai gold. In Italy, there is still the 900 alloy, which is also known under the name "coin gold".

Gold is a very durable precious metal for jewellery and is well tolerated by most people. An allergy to gold is very rare, here the alloy may play a role.  Juwelo jewellery is nickel-free and is often rhodium-plated or platinum plated. The higher the fine gold content, the more expensive the jewellery metal alloy.

In addition to the well-known yellow gold is also more and more white gold and rose gold and red gold in fashion. The demand for these feminine types of gold has increased significantly in recent years. Rose gold jewellery is particularly popular in combination with various gemstones, such as the pink Morganite and Kunzite. Gold jewellery pieces from the AMAYANI collection, available exclusively from Juwelo, combine both: luxurious 750/18K gold paired with rare gemstones.


Silver is cheaper in price than gold and extremely popular. Current trends or timeless classics in silver can be easily and conveniently ordered from the comfort of your own sofa at home, online or on TV at Juwelo. Silver jewellery continues to enjoy great popularity. Affordable real silver jewellery is always an eye-catcher. The most common alloy is 925 sterling silver. It is harder and more resistant than pure silver, with the same cool and shimmering look. In addition, silver can be gold plated, so that an expressive gold look is created at low cost. Silver is offered at Juwelo, as is yellow gold plated or rose gold plated. All kinds of silver can be wonderfully combined with each other, for example when wearing multiple necklaces together.


Three attributes must meet a gemstone: permanence, rarity and beauty. Coloured gemstones make every piece of jewellery an absolute highlight. Gems like glittering Diamonds, fiery Rubies, Sapphires, and Tourmalines in all colours, Emeralds, dark red and green Garnets, blue Topaz or yellow Citrines and purple Amethysts - the world of gems is as intriguing as it is versatile! The Big Four are the four most famous gems: Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby. But there are so many other gems that delight the heart and each gemstone is unique in itself. Whether Aquamarine, Spinel, Tanzanite, Zircon, Peridot, Opal, Quartz, or Alexandrite, there are so many rare gems with breathtaking phenomena such as star effect, opalescence, colour play, adularescence, cat's eye effect and more. Many myths and legends entwine around these beautiful and valuable stones, and many people believe in their healing effects and magical powers.

The Diamond is only one of many gemstones and not particularly rare, but unchallenged as the best known of the jewel world. Diamonds are made of pure carbon, created under great pressure and heat in the Earth's interior. Diamonds are the hardest mineral in the world, much harder than the closest mineral corundum, such as Sapphire and Ruby. Topaz jewellery is suitable for everyday use due to its hardness. Zircon is a beautiful - and one of the oldest gemstones in the world - which has a strong fire competes with the Diamond in terms of beauty. Please do not confuse the real gemstone Zircon with the man-made Zirconia! Zirconia is just a cheap diamond imitation.


The four Cs are used to determine the quality of precious stones: Colour, Carat Weight, Clarity and Cut. With these four criteria, the value of a gemstone can be determined, but gems are difficult to compare with each other, as they naturally have very different appearances. Geological rarity also plays a role in the valuation. Juwelo is the expert for high-quality gemstone jewellery in all price segments.


Pearls are formally counted among gemstones although they are organic in nature as opposed to mineral-based. Amber is also considered an organic gemstones as it is fossilised resin. Molluscs (shellfish) produce Pearls as a defence mechanism against embedded foreign particles, such as grains of sand. Rarely are these natural pearls found in the wild, making them higher in value. Only kings and queens could adorn themselves with these jewels. Today, Pearls are bred in freshwater farms, provoking the natural ‘mechanism’ of molluscs and harvesting them. These freshwater cultured pearls never go out of fashion, they can be found in every new collection. In addition to these usually affordable Pearls, there are also other beautiful variants such as the Akoya Pearl, South Sea Pearl, and the Tahitian Pearl. Also, “the mother” of various Pearls (the shell) is processed into jewellery. Not only colour, but the Pearl´s origin, the chandelier, the size and shape is also considered in the assessment of value. The larger and more evenly spherical a Pearl is, the more valuable it is graded. In Juwelo’s online shop you will find a large selection of Pearl earrings, Pearl rings, Pearl necklaces, all of which can be combined together to create wonderful jewellery sets. Enjoy the plethora of Pearls, in all sizes, colours and shapes.


Jewellery wants to be worn! They are far too sad to be stored away in a safe or jewellery box for a lonely existence. Wedding rings and some favourite pieces are worn daily and without them, something is missing. Constant wearing can leave small traces of use, so be careful with your treasures. Of course, use makes a piece of jewellery unique and really alive, but you can still do a lot to enjoy your piece of jewellery for as long as possible. Keep it safe. Use proper care as instructed by our extensive guidelines.


Avoid contact with cosmetics, chemicals, fats and vapours. Always put jewellery on after applying make-up and cream. Also use hairspray and perfume before putting on jewellery, especially since precious stones can be damaged here. Take jewellery off before playing sports, cleaning, cooking, using a sauna or sunbathing, doing gardening and other similar outdoor activities.

It is best to wipe the piece of jewellery after each wearing with a fibre-free cloth to free it from dirt, salt and grease.

Always keep jewellery separate from each other. If precious metals or gemstones rub against each other, scratches and damage can occur due to different harnesses of the materials. Gemstones are usually harder than gold, silver or platinum and can also lead to blemishes.

Necklaces should either lie flat in a box or be hung so that they touch each other as little as possible.

Jewellery should be thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals. Rings especially attract dust, soap and dirt particles very easily. Dirty gemstones lose their brilliance and transparency and appear colourless. However, they can be made to shine again with a lukewarm water bath and a little soap. Most gemstones tolerate this well, in case of doubt always consult an expert.

Organic gemstones such as Pearls or Amber should only be wiped with a damp cloth.

Secure yourself a high-quality jewellery box, travel cases and various jewellery cases at Juwelo. Depending on the variant, the storage options are equipped with a mirror, lined with velvet and separated into individual compartments. Ring cushions, pockets, drawers, pouches and hangers for chains provide enough space between the pieces of jewellery. So you always have an overview and can choose the fashionable it piece or the valuable heirloom from your jewellery box to match your outfit and occasion.

Order the matching jewellery case for your new piece of jewellery.


To buy jewellery at a good price, visit the Juwelo-Online shop. At our store and auctions buying jewellery is very easy. Choose your favourite jewellery from a large number of jewellery variations: Whether the jewellery set silver, the jewellery set gold, jewellery for men, ladies jewellery, children's jewellery, the countless jewellery designs at Juwelo will inspire you!

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