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Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings and jewels are classicly beautiful and have been collected and worn for centuries. Some have said that Pearl is the most popular gemstone of all time. Well, Pearl earrings and jewels are certainly having their time in the sun this Fashion Season 2019 but with a twist. Stories and pictures on the runway and off, are focused on the ways designers and trendsetters have taken the classic Pearl earring and turned it literally on its head. The big Pearl earring and jewel story of 2019, is putting Pearls into the fun, pop-art, "statement" genre. 'Everything old is new again' and the reverse is true, especially in fashion. The eighties saw many artist/designers, playing with the ideas of art and design, with oversized, sculptural, and cutting edge non-traditional pieces as well. Going back further to the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras, Pearls were utilized in gorgeously designed and produced accessories that were actual works of art. One of the style buzz words in 2019 is ‘bold’ aka 'statement', in earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, clothing items, etc. 'Statement' Pearl earrings have been shown as; single earrings, meaning you actually wear only one, or in great showy pairs which are they are usually very sculptural, or oversized, or slinky. Kind of like the jewels you might wake up in after a night with showgirls and their art-curator friends! Bold Pearls! Organic oversized Pearls in hoops, cuffs earrings, very long Pearl strand earrings, giant Pearl earrings with gemstones graduating in size, fan-like ear cuffs with sea urchin looking settings, and so on. So, it’s Pearl time, be it the classic designs or the new ‘bold’ Pearls, it’s time to show off your Pearl earrings and jewels.

Pearl Necklace

What makes a Pearl necklace valuable? With a classic strand of round pearls, the number of imperfections and size matching are some of the ways that determine the value of the jewel, as well as the lustre of the Pearls. The thicker the nacre, the more intense the lustre. Pearls in necklace form are an essential accessory for every boy and girl. Most Pearls are now ‘cultured’, which means the molluscs are farmed. This allows for the huge Pearls you are seeing on and off the runways. Freshwater, Cultured and Ayoko Pearl necklaces and pendants are featured at Juwelo. Some of our Juwelo Pearl jewels fit perfectly into the current trend of the dramatic and ‘bold’ ‘Statement jewellery’ and others stand humbly and proudly as classics. With a Pearl necklace, there is no right way. Just your way. The main thing to watch is that the Pearls in your item of choice are genuine and real, as the ones used exclusively at Juwelo. Pearl Stud Earrings Pearl Stud earrings are a great example of a Pearl earring classic design. Pear stud earrings are great as graduation gifts, sweet sixteen birthday gifts and other occasions, including June birthday gifts! And there are so many colours to choose from! From including pink and even lavender. The current bold Pearl earrings trend also includes Pearl stud earrings. In the case of studs, and other earring styles, this can be the ‘two-sided’ earrings. A two side earring usually has a gem in front and a much bigger bolder gem on the back of the lobe. Make someone very happy indeed and order some Pearl stud earrings. Bold or dainty, Pearl stud earrings are a great gift.

Pearl Drop Earrings

The painter and the model of 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring', had no clue how deeply this iconic painting would effect style, art fashion and imagination throughout time! Pearl drop earrings, whether using classic white, grey and black Pearls or colourful pink, orange or yellow Pearls etc., Pearl drop earrings, are sensuous and intoxicating and always a head turner. Since a trend for Pearls right now are “bold” and “statement” accessories, you might think the classic Pearl drop earring would lose out? Not a chance. First of all classic looks are always going to have a place.

Pearl Bracelet

Whether freshwater or cultured, all real Pearls are purely organic, meaning made from nature with naturally occurring minerals. All real Pearls are created by crustacean water creatures, called molluscs, who make their homes in the seas, lakes and man-made farms. A Pearl bracelet can be a strand of Pearls or have a few sprinkled through.out. Or if it is in the 2019 trend crowd, it could be a cuff with two HUGE Pearls anchoring each end, or a chain with 5 inch long strands of Pearls hanging down. What’s your Pearl bracelet preference? Classic or bold? Maybe both? At least with fashion, we the people have the power of choice. How refreshing and fun!

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl is the Birthstone for June babies along with Moonstone and Alexandrite. Did I mention that this writer is a June baby? Gemstone gifts welcome. Joking? Natural and cultured. Most beloved jewels of all time. The organic gemstones come in an array of colours including the classic white and black Pearls. Pearl Jewellery is here to stay, whether it's your inherited 'grandma's' strand of Pearls, your well-priced Juwelo pieces and everything in between, a Pearl jewel is a treasure indeed. The big Pearl trend is 'Statement' accessories. They are literally calling it the 'Bold Pearl' look. Pearls are organic wonders and the trend is wearing them as a single earring, an oversized Pearl necklace, a Pearl Bracelet with two huge Pearls anchoring each end, the sky is the limit is a gigantic contemporary art and design influenced trend. So, Pearl is getting a punk touch. Vivian Westwood should be proud.

Pearl Rings

The Girl & the Pearl Ring One of the fellows here on staff mentioned seeing a woman on the subway today. She did not stand out at first look, in her neutral tones, but digging into her black faux Gucci bag style magic occurred. When her hand emerged with the phone, the surprise was her large Pearl solitaire ring, set in a gold band. The simple addition of that ring to her look was a visual 'Boom' to her look, according to my colleague. A simple accessories addition like a classic Pear ring or “statement” Pearl ring ( currently the rage), can be extremely powerful when making your turn on the runways of your life.
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