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It's hard not to think of the late Princess Diana when gazing at a large blue Sapphire ring, set in a halo of white Diamonds or white Sapphires. Kate Middleton, actually wearing the gifted treasure, is quite a lasting image as well. And now added to the mix is the mega pink rock seen on Lady Gaga's silver-nailed engagement finger in a well-known fashion magazine. Everyone seems to be going gaga over Sapphire jewellery these days. Sapphires have been the favourites of Royals and 'VIPs' for many a year. They are featured on runways and in magazine editorials throughout the seasons and trends. A stunning member of the corundum family, Sapphire simply speaks of legendary beauty. Given the current jewellery fashion trends of cocktail rings, Sapphire engagement rings and so on, this is the place to find your own Sapphire jewel.  You can find Sapphire jewellery at amazing prices and in beautiful designs. Sapphires in splendid white gold or yellow gold settings. No other gemstone is as varied as Sapphire, this precious stone can shine with brilliance and colour variety such as white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, or a combination of all these colours. At Juwelo every day is a Sapphire jewellery party! Blue Sapphire, White Sapphire, yellow gold ring Juwelo   This gemstone belongs to the corundum family and is allochromatic. Sapphire's hues derive from mineral elements such as chromium, iron and titanium. Ruby is also considered mineralogically in the corundum family. With such a large selection of Sapphire crystal jewellery at Juwelo, you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of colourful Sapphires and discover your favourite jewellery. You will find a vast range of Sapphire jewellery here: whether in a pendant, necklace, earrings, bracelet, rings for men or rings for women.


At Juwelo - online jewellery store we offer jewellery set with Sapphires and other unique gemstones in gold and silver.  

What is the price of a Sapphire?

Sapphire, as you may already know, is one of the big 4 gems along with Diamond, Emerald and Ruby. It is a stone that can be quite expensive depending on the clarity, colour, cut, origin, and of course, the carat weight. Two-carat, heat-treated blue Sapphire can cost between 1500 and 2000 pounds sterling, larger stones of 3 and four carats double that. Thanks to its integrated circuit, Juwelo has no intermediary. The stones are bought raw, then polished and set by our workshops and resold directly online or on our TV channel. These low production and distribution costs are reflected in the price of our Sapphire jewellery, which is much lower than in traditional Sapphire jewellery for an equivalent quality.

Sapphire and Diamond earrings white gold

In Sapphire earrings and jewels, the combination of deep blue Sapphires with the white heat and fire of white Diamonds set in white gold is literally stunning. Luckily in today's modern marketplace, there are high-end Sapphire jewels as well as more affordable Sapphire and Diamond Earrings so that anyone can feel like a million pounds no matter your budget.

Sapphire and Diamond necklace pendants

One of the most glamorous jewellery sets or combos one can wear is a Sapphire and Diamond necklace and earring set. A simple Sapphire pendant can be the jewel you wear to an event and never want to take off. Combined with a pair of Juwelo Sapphire stud, drop or hoop earrings, you now have instant luxuriousness in your jewellery collection.

Ceylon Sapphire earrings

Large deposits of Sapphire can be found in Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka, which was known as Ceylon prior to 1972. Ceylon is known historically as the most bountiful source of beautiful gemstones including Sapphire. At Juwelo. we bring Ceylon Sapphire earrings to the UK. With our amazing designs and colour variations, these earrings are quite something.

Sapphire is September's Birthstone

With all of the Sapphire Jewellery coveting going on, luck falls on those born in September because this lovely gem is the birthstone of that month. If you are truly lucky someone special will gift you a Juwelo Sapphire jewel for your next birthday. As said more than once: some of the best 'gifting' is 'self-gifting'.

Cheap Sapphire Rings

Spoiler alert! We do not sell 'cheap Sapphire rings' at Juwelo Sorry! What we do sell is very well-crafted Sapphire rings with well-sourced gemstones at an amazing price range. So, whatever size of your wallet, you can find a beautiful Sapphire ring at Juwelo

Pink Sapphire Jewellery

Pink Sapphire jewellery is still having its moment. From Lady Gaga's monster of a rock in a halo setting of white Diamonds and Princess Eugenie's blush-hued Padparadscha Sapphire engagement ring to the cocktail ring combos on the hands of runway and editorial models. Everyone wants to be pretty in pink. So if you are looking for legendary Sapphire luxury at great prices, you have come to the right UK online jewellery store! Enjoy.    
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