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Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite earrings and jewels are a girl's best friend! Well almost! The jewel is known as the second most popular blue gem after Sapphire. The Tanzanite love affair is a flame that has been fanned by some key players in the jewellery industry since the sixties, when the gem was discovered, right up to the world of today´s social influencers. The Tanzanite earrings and jewels love affair has resulted in people adding at least one piece to their collections via online shops and brick & mortar stores worldwide. Women and men love Tanzanite earrings, bracelets, rings and jewels. Tanzanite is a relative new-comer to the gemstone jewellery market, officially discovered and mined for commercial use in the late 1960s. Its incredible blues, purples and violets have enticed collectors and jewellers ever since. Stunning violet-blue Tanzanite earrings, rings, pendants and other jewels have been worn by the likes of the Duchess of Windsor, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathaway, Kate Blanchet and the like but to name a few. This celebrity adornment has, of course, only contributed to the curiosity and excitement about the gem amongst the rest of us. At Juwelo we have a wide array of well-crafted Tanzanite earrings and jewels in our jewellery collections to choose from, set exclusively in genuine silver and white or yellow gold. As with all of our jewels we provide excellent care instructions and certificates of authenticity. The chemical makeup of Tanzanite is calcium aluminium silicate and is part of the Zoisite family. The gem is the birthstone of those born in December. Although best known for its blues and violets, the gem is also available in yellow, green, orange, pink and various multi-tones. The gem is pleochroic, which means it appears to be three different colours depending on the light source. The most valued are the deep violet blues. The gem is found only in the hills of Mirerani near Mount Kilimanjaro. The lore is that a Masai tribesman first found the translucent purple gems 'weathering' out of the earth in Mirerani, in northern Tanzania. The tribesman alerted a local fortune hunter named Manuel d'Souza who gingerly registered four mining claims. The chorus of fortune hunter claims quickly grew to the total of ninety when Tiffany stepped in, naming the gem after the country of origin and becoming its main distributor and brander. The blue colours of this amazing gem range from lush blue or vibrant violet to a rich purple. Tanzanite is the birthstone of those born in December. It is a pleochroic gem showing three different colours depending on the view and the light. This creates a blue, violet or purple primary colour depending on the cut. Tanzanite earrings are stunning and available in a wide range of sizes. The value increases depending on the intensity of colour, as well as the clarity and the cut. Some of the more popular cuts for Tanzanite earrings are the brilliant cut, emerald cut, square cut, oval and round cuts. Also popular in Tanzanite earring design is a halo of white gems, such as Diamond or Sapphire, surrounding the purple beauty thereby naturally increasing the value of the jewel.

Tanzanite Stud Earrings

At Juwelo you can find Tanzanite solitaire stud earrings set beautifully in the cool white precious metals of platinum, white gold or sterling silver highlighting the blue to violet gem gorgeously. Alternatively the warm sunny hues of yellow gold bring out the reds in the blues and violets of Tanzanite. To ensure your Tanzanite stud earrings will sparkle for years to come, keep them clean and safe when they are not being worn. These stunners look amazing with all skin hues and eye colour.

Tanzanite Earrings Gold

The instant fame back in the sixties was the gem´s clarity, colour, and availability of larger specimens. Tanzanite gold earrings are part of the love affair both in yellow gold and white gold settings. In addition to the setting, one of the most important considerations when purchasing your Tanzanite gold earrings and jewels is the hue of the gold. Do you desire your new Tanzanite earrings in gold to have a warm sunny frame of yellow gold or a cool highlight of white gold, platinum or sterling silver?

Tanzanite Diamond Earrings

Tanzanite Diamond earrings are quite a beautiful gemstone combination. Rare collectable blue to violet Tanzanite plays wonderfully off the white fire of the Diamond. Some of the design options for the combination of Tanzanite Diamond earrings are a Tanzanite solitaire surrounded white Diamonds in a halo setting or a tantalising mix of the two gemstones.

Silver Tanzanite Earrings

All that glitters is not reserved for gold. Sterling silver is a precious metal that is not only a stunning white metal, but is climbing in the ranks of investable minerals as well. This white precious metal, like its more expensive brethren white gold and platinum, are gorgeous settings for Tanzanite earrings. Whether Tanzanite stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle or drops, the combo of a white precious metal with the blue to the violet gem is a cool mix.

Tanzanite Drop Earrings

Tanzanite drop earrings are for the more elegant customer. A jewellery lover who prefers a sensual shape perhaps surrounded by a halo of white gems like Diamonds or Sapphires. This is a luxurious item to be worn for special occasions and nights of glamour. The colour of the gem is reminiscent of the incredible eyes of a gemstone jewellery icon, British born, Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor. Her violet eyes could not be upstaged, except for maybe the jewels she was known for wearing.

Tanzanite Earrings for all!

Gents are enjoying earrings and jewellery more and more these days which is why you see many jewellers and jewellery companies scrambling to create 'gents jewellery lines'. However, men adorning themselves is nothing new. Men wore earrings, rings and other jewels in ancient times and in many societies were self-adorning prior to than their female counterparts. Just ask the ancient Akrotiri, Assyrians, Egyptians and so forth! Oh yes, and Shakespeare. Tanzanite earrings and jewels are a great crossover jewel because of the universally loved blues available. So, Tanzanite huggies earrings or Tanzanite stud earrings can be seen both on women and jewel-loving men.  
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