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Emerald Earrings

Are gorgeous Emerald jewels swirling in your Autumn 2019 accessories dreams? Are you picturing a pair of beautiful dark Zambian Emerald & gold earrings to complement your olive skin tone? Maybe you envision a pair of mint-green Bahia Emerald silver earrings that play off of your fair skin tone, red hair and blue eyes? Perhaps you have a pair of faceted oval cut solitaire Ethiopian Emerald drop earrings with white Zircon accent stones on your self-gifting list? Fashion is where grown-ups get to have a little fun and be playful no matter the current world mood, or maybe even because of it! Fashion is a safe place to joyfully express yourself. What better way than with a pair of gemstone earrings? Emerald along with Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond is one of the "Big Four" top favoured gemstones in the world. Emerald earrings feature a gem that rates 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, with Diamond rating the highest at 10. Emerald earrings and jewels are much sought after and collected. The chromium-rich beryl gemstone is known to have natural inclusions that rise to the top, so taking care for your precious jewels to prevent possible chipping of these natural beauties is advised by Juwelo. For some serious glam, try a pair of mint Emerald & Diamond earrings in yellow gold to go along with the season's trending brown overcoats, monochrome suits, argyle pullover tartan mash-ups, and oversized bags. Emerald earrings have been a go-to for 'it girls' of the past and present. Depending on where the gems were sourced and the cut, the stone's hue can range from light minty spring green to a dark forest green. At Juwelo we treat you like a queen with high-quality jewels at affordable prices. So, if you are dreaming of a pair of emerald-cut Emerald earrings in a Diamond halo setting, you have come to the right place. There is a reason both the seasoned and the new icons have been into this deep forest green gemstone jewel for so long. Green gems have been thought of as a lucky gem in Asia, India, and even ancient Egypt. Emerald is gorgeously paired with virtually every hair and skin tone! Emerald earrings and jewels emanate glamour and calm at the same time! Looking deep into the green of these jewels is very interesting in that the gemstone is itself a gift from nature and simultaneously evokes other majestic gifts from nature - like the colours of leaves, trees, forests, jungles and green waters. So, for autumn 2019, why not let some cheerful green gemstone earrings give some glamorous chill to your style.  

Emerald Green Earrings

There are so many gorgeous greens in the gemstone world! When customers are looking in our store for ‘Emerald Green Earrings’ and jewels, there are more than a few amazing gemstone jewels that come up. Some Juwelo customer favourites include Forest Green Diamond, Chrome Diopside, Green Tibetantite, and Chrome Apatite jewels. Chrome Apatite owes its green hue to chromium, as do Colombian Emeralds. Also, people found Tsavorite Garnet earrings and Chrome Tourmaline earrings (coloured by vanadium - the same agent that brings the intense green to African and Brazilian Emeralds) in their search for Emerald green gem beauties. If you are looking for Emerald green jewels in our store, simply search for 'green gemstones'. When searching at Juwelo one can be very specific with hue preference. Some of the colour categories include green, blue-green, light green, and dark green. There are lots of different ways to go down the gorgeous green gemstone path and find that green jewel.

Emerald Stud Earrings

Emerald stud earrings are a wondrous way to have a lot of glamour and beauty in a small package. These gems can be worn daily but will hold their own easily at an evening event as well. Emerald stud earrings are stunning when set in yellow gold. Some of the favoured gemstone cuts and settings best suited for Emerald stud earrings are round cut, table cut, tear-drop cut, and emerald cut. Both bezel and pronged settings work for Emerald stud earrings although the bezel setting is a much more protective setting for the stone and quite beautiful.

Emerald & Diamond Earrings

Emerald & Diamond earrings are a classic match of two of the 'Big Four' most popular gems in the world. The Diamond, known for its rarity, brilliance and fire, paired with the Emerald, the fairest of the green Beryl, have been coveted for centuries. Emerald & Diamond earrings can be an investment in jewels. It is also possible via Juwelo to access stunning Emerald and Diamond earrings at an affordable price range with confidence. Juwelo and our parent companies have been building industry relationships for over twenty years, giving us access to well-priced beauties.

Emerald-cut Earrings

Emerald cut earrings and jewels are favourites of vintage Art Deco and Victorian-era jewels and styles enthusiasts. The classic faceted long rectangle shape with chiselled step cuts is stunning for both smaller and larger jewels. The 'Emerald-cut' has a vintage Art Deco look and can be beautifully accentuated by a halo setting of white gemstones or easily stand-alone, depending on the quality of the cut and the settings.

Emerald Drop Earrings

At Juwelo there is a beautiful range of the ever-popular Emerald drop earrings. Teardrop-shaped gemstone cuts inspired again by nature are sensual and glamorous. The power of a teardrop earring is steadfast and a favourite of red-carpet strolling celebrities. The classic setting is a large, tear-drop cut Emerald set in yellow or white gold with a halo of Diamonds surrounding around the circumference. Drop, in this case emerald-drop, earrings can also have a round, oval, or square cut. The main design element of a drop is that it swings a bit from the finding. The Cavill collection has created a gorgeous and well-priced Bahia Emerald and Silver drop earrings collection.  
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